Altar Quest
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Welcome to our Magic The Gathering: Arena – Intro event!


Ever since it went into open beta on September 27th many of our staff and office workers have been playing the game during their downtime. Not only is it fun, true to Magic, and free-to-play: it gives you a whole lot of goodies when you first dip your toe into it.


We want to expand on that.


That's why we're hosting this event, so you can grow alongside us and get some cool stuff in return.


On Thursday December 13th anyone who wants to may come to Outpost Antwerp to participate in a sealed Dominaria deck. The sealed event itself is free and provided by us through an unlock code, but we do charge 10 Euro for use of our mighty PC rigs (which you can use from 19:00 to 24:00)


Once you enter the unlock code you'll be able to participate in a regular sealed event where you open 6 boosters, build a deck, and try to win. Naturally you can keep every card you pick up and merely participating in this will net you various other rewards.


Whoever has the most wins with their deck at the end of the day will get a free MTG Funko Pop from us to take home!


Do bear in mind that the unlock code is single-use. If you've already acquired one through some other means (such as with a prerelease) then ours won't work anymore. Although you are still more than welcome to join us! In fact: if you do then you'll play at the exact same price and we'll gift you 5 premium creature cards!


We hope to see you next Thursday as we open the doors for a whole new digital way of playing MTG in Outpost!