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Dungeons & Dragons: Halloween Edition

Hallow's Eve is coming up and the D&D Shadow Council has something truly awesome planned for Wednesday 31st. Fill out the form, prepare your character, and immersive yourself in the madness that is to come!


Have you ever tried creating the setting for a horror story? I find it most difficult to relay the anxiousness you feel when you find yourself in a gloomy graveyard at night, or the terrifying helplessness that takes hold of your heart when you find yourself unable to move because you dared to look too deep into the seductive eyes of a thirsty vampire. Its irises a crimson red surrounding a lens as black as the darkest night ...


Bah, humbug!


I even tried a horror story plot simulator and entered words such as 'Donald Trump', 'racist moron', '7th grade math homework', and 'Satan'. You know ... truly terrifying things.


It didn't end very well.

Eye MojoFortunately the intrepid dungeonmasters over at the Outpost D&D page are much, much better at this than I am and they have something truly frightening in store for you!


On Hallow's Eve, Wednesday the 31st, they will take you through the scariest, most terrifying one-shots they can think of! It will be a Halloween to remember, they'll make sure of it!


Beginners are most welcome to join our tables. Cosplay is highly encouraged too! After all, dressing up as something horrifying is part of the fun!


You will need to fill in this form though. So the D&D shadow council can place you in the perfect adventuring party!


Once you've filled it in they will contact you and nothing will stand in the way of a spooktacular Halloween!



... ok, I'm never using the word 'spooktacular' again. That was horrible.