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Clash of the Clubs - Student Promotion

Outpost is challenging the various student organizations of Antwerp and Ghent! Accrue points for your club throughout October/November and win an amazing sponsorship that lasts throughout the academic year!



Long ago the various student clubs lived together in harmony, but everything changed when Outpost attacked.


Only the Alpha-bro, master of all booze, could stop it. But when the clubs needed him most .... he vanished!


Now, nothing stands in the way of the clash of clubs! Mwahahaha!

Firenation Attack

The relative peace between the student clubs has always been a shaky one. It would take nothing more than a single promotion to ignite the flames of war and pit them all against each other.


It just so happens that Outpost has such a promotion! It goes as follows:


1# All students, be they part of a club or not, will be able to enjoy one full hour of free gaming every single day throughout October and November in either Antwerp or Ghent. You will need to prove it though by showing us your student card.



2# Every student who IS part of a club (or wants to champion one) will, upon recieving their daily hour of gaming, earn a point for their respective club. No need to prove you're part of a club. You may convince as many of your student friends why they should promote yours!



3# People in possession of a Student Club Membership Card are more than welcome to vote when they visit Outpost, however if they aren't students anymore they do not receive a free hour of gaming!



4# At the end of November: the top 3 clubs will win some amazing Outpost sponsoring!


So what are these awesome rewards you can win?


Third place: Will win the October/November promotion throughout the academic year. So that's a free hour of gaming, per member, every day, for the remainder of the year.


Second place: Will win both the third place reward and a full day of free gaming for their entire club on a day of their choosing.


First place: Will win all of the above + a party in Outpost Antwerp or Ghent on a day of their choosing along with 5 crates of the delicious golden brew known as 'beer'.


Note: these sponsorships apply only to registered members of the victorious club! All dates have to be checked by their respective Outpost so they don't overlap with major events (this is to ensure we don't overcrowd the Outpost!) Additionally points acquired in Antwerp do not count in Ghent and vice versa (for obvious reasons).


Now if that isn't a reason to mobilise your members, their families, friends, dog, and get them to come over to their nearest Outpost to accrue points I don't know what is!


Happy competing! May the best club win!