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Guilds of Ravnica Preorder

A new set for Magic looms on the horizon and is pre-orderable today! Will the guilds of Ravnica fall under the might of Nicol Bolas, or will the ancient dragon finally be stopped? The final confrontation nears!


Ravnica is a place where five guilds reign supreme (because almost everything Magic has to be exactly five). Everyone – be they healer, soldier, or merchant – lives and dies for their guild. It is the core of their being.


The Guilds of Ravnica




A conclave of nature-loving spiritualists. You'd think they're the good guys, but brainwashed, fanatical cultists are another way to describe them.




This militant group form the army and law-enforcement arm of Ravnica. Even though they technically believe in harmonious existance, they aren't worried about how much blood is shed to achieve it.




Known as 'The Swarm', they are the largest guild in Ravnica (although some of its members aren't exactly alive). They are led by Svogthir the God-Zombie and believe fervently in the cycle of life and death.




They are the scholars and engineers of Ravnica and unlike the other guilds are much less obsessed with order, domination, or power. Instead they seek knowledge through any means. Some of their experiments have disastrous results and aftereffects however.




In a world of guilds there has to be at least one who deals in backstabbing politics, shadowy operations, and manipulation of the highest order. Dimir is that faction. If you're a rogue you're going to love it here!


As you can see Ravnica isn't the most stable of places. Enter Nicol Bolas: the power-hungry, planeswalking, nigh-unstoppeable dragon has set its sights on this plane. A confrontation is looming and even if he CAN be defeated ... will Ravnica survive?


Does all this make you excited for the new 259-card set? We are! That's why preorders are now open on the following items:


- Guilds of Ravnica Booster Pack

- Guilds of Ravnica Booster Display

- Guilds of Ravnica Bundle

- Guilds of Ravnica Planeswalker Deck #1

Guilds of Ravnica Planeswalker Deck #2


If you want to be absolutely sure to receive your cards on release day then now's the time to click the above links!


Guilds of Ravnica releases on October 5th, 2018