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CS:GO Community Day in Outpost Antwerp

Welcome to our second Community Day (things are going so fast). The game we're building around this time? Counterstrike: Global Offensive!


For those new to Community Days: they are a brand new initiative from Outpost Antwerp to try and build solid communities for popular games. The goal is to showcase a specific game (in this case CS:GO) and to gather as many enthousiasts for said game as we can. That way you'll have friends to play, teams with which to pwn, and help for when you need it.


The CS:GO Community Day takes place in Outpost Antwerp on Wednesday the 11th of July and will last all freakin' day from 12:00 onwards! Use of our mighty PC rigs for this event will be either a flat fee of 15 Euro (for which you can play Counterstrike all day long!) or you can pay by-the-minute.


During the day we'll have some tournaments, competitions, and raffles. There will definitely be something you can win so make sure you bring the leetest of skillz!


Apart from bringing together fans of the game we're also looking for players interested in joining an Outpost-branded team for the upcoming City League. Interested parties should let us know during the event and if you make the team you can come practice in Outpost Antwerp free of charge for five weeks!


Mind you this is specifically for CS:GO training purposes! No slacking off and playing something else like "Greys Anatomy: The Video Game". Those skills are non-transferable!


So what are you waiting for? Those 360 no-scope headshots aren't going to make themselves! And if CS:GO isn't your thing .... well there's always the next Community Day!