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Pokémon League Cup in Outpost Antwerp

The road to Pokémon mastery will eventually lead you to a league cup, fortunately that's exactly what we're hosting here in Outpost Antwerp on the 10th of June!


You've got your decks, collected the most powerful Pokémon (cards) that you can, and you feel ready to tackle something larger than your average Gym or weekly Pokémon event. What now? Well just like in the animé it is time to sign up for a League Cup!


In a League Cup the standards are a bit higher, the opponents a bit tougher, and you can earn championship points! These things can earn you invitationals to special events around the globe (such as the regional championships in Sheffield UK on June 16-17) provided you have collected enough of them.


Furthermore League Cups have rewards such as official playmats and other goodies beyond just Pokémon boosters you get from normal competition. For this event we're also giving away special promo's for the first 30 players! (more on that below). 


Even if you're not the strongest trainer out there it's still worth it to come and try your hand. Who knows how far you'll make it? And these league events are always guaranteed to be fun!

Pokémon Arena

To participate you will need a standard 60-card Pokémon deck, a decklist, your POP-ID (so we can give you those sweet championship points if you earn them) and a 10 Euro entry fee. Don't worry if you don't have a POP-ID yet. We can give you one!


Remember those 30 promo cards? To receive those you will need to register. We'll open registration at 11.00h, but if you want to be REALLY sure you'll get one of the promo's you can pre-register by contacting us here. Be sure to tell us your name, birthday, and POP ID!


Oh and even if you don't want the promo (although we can't imagine why not) you still have to register. There is no escape!


At 12.00h the tournament begins! Every participant will automatically receive 2 booster packs, with many more up for grabs for the top players!


Here's all the event data once more in a handy overview:


June 10th, Outpost Antwerp


Doors open: 11:00


Tournament start: 12:00


Entry Fee: 10 Euro


Format: Standard


Registration: required and can be found here or at the event at 11:00.


That's everything, we hope to see you soon and may the best trainer win!