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Antigraviator Release Party in Outpost Antwerp

Learn more about Antigraviator, a Belgian game created by Cybernetic Walrus. Afterwards join us in Outpost Antwerp or Ghent on the 6th of June to celebrate its global release on PC and play the game for free until Sunday 10th!


CyberWalrusBefore we get into the details of what Antigraviator is it might be interesting to see where it comes from. You see the game was made right here in Belgium, which is kind of special, by a company called Cybernetic Walrus.


Cybernetic Walrus is an enterprise created by four alumni of the Digital arts and Entertainment at Howest, Kortrijk. Although its primary goal is to make games (like Antigraviator) it has a host of other services such as 3D asset creation, Gamification, Virtual and Augmented Reality, and even Architectural Visualization.


Although it is a young company (founded in 2017) they seem to be performing an outstanding job, since Antigraviator (their very first game) has already netted them a series of rewards such as the Audience Choice Award from the Indie Garden Assembly in 2018.


But let's talk about the game.


Created in the Unity Engine, Antigraviator is a futuristic racing game set in 2210. Advances in anti-gravity have made it possible to achieve a whole new level of racing as pilots now take command of 'gravs' capable of attaining speeds that not even the fastest race car could hope to achieve. In fact, the game prides itself upon there being no speed limit at all! No really, there isn't one!


TrackWith tracks spread across four different worlds (apparently spacecraft and terraforming have made leaps and bounds as well) players will challenge each other for the top spot on global leaderboards in online multiplayer. Alternatively up to four friends can race each other in split screen mode.


Also, since it's the future, safety is a bygone thing. You can sabotage your fellow players to your heart's content by causing rockslides, deploying hovermines, activating missile launchers across the track, and many more such devious tricks.


Full SpeedThe Gravs are fully customizable. In fact you are encouraged to do so in order to gain an edge over your opponents, while trying to minimize disadvantages from not having certain upgrades installed. You could build entirely for speed and handling, while forgoing hull strength and shields. That would be an interesting race!


Oh and have I mentioned there is controller support? A single player campaign? A custom soundtrack that will skyrocket your adrenaline? A console release on the way? Yes this game does promise to be pretty epic.


Antigraviator launches on the 6th of June on Steam, and will be playable right away here in Outpost Antwerp and Ghent! You can play the game entirely for free up until and including Sunday 10th. You MUST notify our crew at the bar BEFORE playing!


Come try your hand and see if you have what it takes to be a grav pilot!


Visit the official Antigraviator website.
Check out the game on Steam.
Learn more about Cybernetic Walrus.