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Let off some steam in Outpost, students!

Students rejoice! Upon showing us your student card (and thus proving you suffer from horrible exams!) you are entitled to a full hour of FREE play on our mighty PC rigs. Moreover you can repeat this action EVERY DAY from the 26th of May up until the 30th of June!


Some people might say that exams were made to test the knowledge you've attained throughout the year and that they are necessary to the development of a productive member of society.


HAH! Those people either make exams or they've never taken one.


Everyone who's ever been through finals week(s) know that they are some of the best tools Satan has to torment us puny mortals. Exams are evil right to their very core and must be fought wherever they appear. I can even prove it (semi-mathematically)!


Theorem on the universal truth that exams are a corruptive influence, feat. Kurt Cobain.

Assume the idiom: Knowledge is Power.
Knowledge = Power


We all know that Power (especially that of the absolute kind) corrupts.
So: Knowledge = Corruption


The definition of Exams according to Collins Dictionary is: "A formal test that you take to show your knowledge or ability in a particular subject."
Thus: (Knowledge + Test) = Exams


And we know that Knowledge equals Power equals Corruption.
Hence: (Corruption + Test) = Exams


A synonym for a Test is a Challenge.
So we can write: (Corruption + Challenge) = Exams


Now Kurt Cobain once said: "The duty of youth is to challenge corruption."
So if our proof says (Corruption + Challenge) = Exams then this means:


It is our duty as youth to challenge exams and the corruption they bring wherever they are.


Side note: Corruption = Exams - Challenge is also true and a logical consequence of the above. Meaning:


If we do NOT fight exams we become corrupted ourselves! *Gasp!*


So now that we have that out of the way. How can we rise up and fight exams? Well let us do it in the most peaceful, non-violent way: by passively resisting them! (Thanks Gandhi)


And the best way to do THAT is by coming to Outpost Ghent or Antwerp and play some PC games for an hour, entirely for free! (We greatly support the liberation from exams movement!)


Just show us your student card to prove you are a person in dire need of gaming and we'll let you play on our mighty rigs for a full free hour. Also: this action isn't limited to a one-time deal. You can do this every day for as long as the exams last! (Which we estimate to be from the 26th of May until the last day of June)*


Just to clarify: Yes that means you get a free hour of game time every day for the final days of May and the entirety of June.


Additionally we do sell pasta and all sorts of snacks should you desire a bite to eat. No reason to waste time on cooking when you can put it into gaming, right?


So come to our Gamecenters and let off some steam (no impalement required)!
Let off some steam, Bennett

*This article is meant to be (a little bit?) funny, not start a revolution against exams (no matter how much we want to) or encourage you to skip on the valuable time you need for study. Game responsibly!