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POH BGAEG180824000
POH CARDFAC181030000
EHP 768
EHP 14780
EHP 13499
EHP shooters2301
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Circus E-sport Tour Hearthstone Qualifier in Outpost Antwerp

Hello challengers! Although we've had some pretty fun and comfortable firesides together we have not forgotten about the competitive scene. That's why we're now announcing the Circus E-sport Hearthstone Qualifier!


This will actually be the third qualifier for Circus E-sport to take place in Belgium. The two previous ones took place in Charleroi and Namur. Making this the first (and only) qualifier organised by Outpost Antwerp as each contest takes place in a different Belgian city.


If you want to participate on Saturday, you will only need to register here.

Year of the RavenThe qualifier takes place on the 26th of May at 12.00h in Outpost Antwerp. We'll be playing good ol' conquest mode with 4 decks, 1 ban, best of 5. The last match will be a best of 7 with 5 decks and 1 ban. Although there are cash prizes for the three top finalists, only the player in first place will advance to the Circus E-sport grand final.


There will be 1.000 € on the line for this qualifier alone (1st Place: 500 €, 2nd Place: 300 €, 3rd Place: 200 €) !


Didn't get that top spot? Have no fear! There will be three more Qualifiers in Ghent, Brussels, and Liège respectively. The finals will take place back in the Grand Casino of Namur.


For those who prefer watching the action take place, everything will be streamed live on Twitch.


And lastly for further questions you can contact our organizers on Discord.


So good luck challengers! May your blades burn with holy fire!