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Forbidden Light Prerelease in all Outposts

We're kicking it up a notch with the Pokémon prerelease from the latest set: Forbidden Light! Now in all Outposts in the weekend of the 21st of April.


Ultra Necrozma-GXIn the land of Mordor, in the fires of Mount Doom .... Oh wait, wrong IP.


In the land of Pokémon, in the beautiful Kalos region a mysterious Pokémon has taken on its ultimate form as ULTRA NECROZMA-GX! (Quite a mouthful.) It has harnessed some form of (forbidden?) light and now the other powerful Pokémon of the region must decide to join or resist it.


So goes the story of the latest 130-card set 'Forbidden Light'. It contains 8 new Pokémon GX (including ULTRA NECROZMA-GX) and 5 new ultra-powerful prism cards. Other cards will feature stuff from the Kalos region as it appeared in the game.


You can play this set for the first time by joining us at any of the Outpost Prerelease events. In every case the entry fee will be 28 Euro for which you will receive a special prerelease kit and some booster packs to make a deck with. Then we'll play a tournament with said decks for the chance to receive even more booster packs!


You can find all the relevant dates and times below. Only OPA has a midnight prerelease event.



Friday 20th of April


Saturday 21st of April


Sunday 22nd of April







We hope to see you there so you can bask in the glory of ULTRA NECROZMA-GX!