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Dominaria Prereleases in all Outposts

Return to the plane where it all began. Dominaria! The 78th Magic expansion and the subject of our prerelease weekend in all Outposts!


As is tradition all the Outposts are once more coming together to create a massive event to celebrate the latest Magic release. The fun starts during our Friday Night Magic at the stroke of midnight on the 20th and lasts all the way through Sunday the 22nd of April.


So what are we celebrating? What is Dominaria?


DomaniruDominaria is the very first plane. The place where the story of Magic began and also the location of many historic events such as 'The Mending'. As one might imagine the theme of the new set is mostly "Nostalgia" ... Oh, and "Legendary Creatures".


Because we are in Dominaria some of the oldest mechanics in Magic are making their return, e.g. 'Kicker'. Alternatively we're seeing some brand new mechanics that are all about the plane's history such as the new 'Saga'-cards: a brand new mechanic that showcases historic events that took place on Dominaria. And since we're talking about the plane's rich past: one of the new keywords is, you guessed it, 'Historical'.


Also new is the introduction of Legendary Sorceries. They can only be cast when you control a Legendary Creature or Planeswalker (which as you remember is the second theme of the set).


And lastly we're seeing minor changes to the way cards are printed, bordered, and some reprints are having their texts modernized. In fact the whole release system of sets is being reworked with Dominaria being completely self-sufficient and not part of a 'block' anymore. Which will be fascinating for future expansions I'm sure!


But let's stay with Dominaria for now. I'm excited! Are you excited? Well you should be! And you should consider visiting your favourite Outpost in the weekend of the 20th!


Below is everything you need to know about our planned events!



Friday, 20th of April


Saturday, 21st of April


Sunday, 22nd of April



That's it, we hope to see you soon!