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Dominaria Open House in all Outposts

Enter our Dominaria Open House where we say goodbye to the Ixalan sets and wholeheartedly greet the next exciting release.


Which is, of course, Dominaria.


Llanowar ElvesNaturally veterans can not wait to get their hands on the new cards and I'm certain there is plenty of theorycrafting going on in the main MTG channels.


But what of the new/returning players?


It turns out that sometimes you need a bit of a refresher course when it comes to Magic. Or perhaps this is your first time and Dominaria is going to be your stepping stone to the greater world of MTG? This event then, will be for you.


Using welcome decks and some helpful veteran players we'll introduce you to the basics and/or inform you of whatever has changed since the last time you played. We'll get you back up to speed in no time at all!


What's very cool is that during this event you'll get a truly special promo: the Llanowar Elves. This promo has completely different art than either its original, or the basic card that will be present when Dominaria launches. I think it looks smashing, and waaay better than its original.


Another fun thing about this 1/1 elf druid creature is that by tapping it it gives you extra green mana! And although it's not explained on this card, the original told the story that this was because Llanowar elves are expert gatherers and traditionally leave a portion of the things they pick for nature itself. Pretty cool, huh?


So come join us this 14th of April and claim your promo, teach or educate yourself and get ready for the upcoming Dominaria expansion!


See you this weekend!