Tsuro: Phoenix rising
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Ultra Pro sponsors our Rivals of Ixalan Prereleases

You get extra loot, and you get extra loot, everyone gets extra loot! .... (ok, perhaps not everyone).


DeckboxesOur prerelease events are coming soon (this weekend in fact)! The race for the golden city of Orazca is on and just as the four major factions are attempting to be the first to get to its treasure, so do our magic players scramble for those glorious new cards!


Cards however, are not the only thing to be gained this week.


If you so happen to participate in one of our many, many events (6 per Outpost!) you'll have a chance to obtain some sweet extra loot, courtesy of our good friends @Ultra Pro!



BinderWhat loot you ask? Well for starters we'll have a ton of deckboxes to give away in raffles. These boxes will be emblazoned with either the Demon Dragon, or Quetzalcoatl.


Furthermore 2nd to 4th place contestants in the tournaments will receive some sweet M15 deckboxes and sleeve packs.


Lastly the winners, the champions of the tournament, will go home with OGW PRO Binders and Eclipse sleeve packs!




There is treasure to be gained both in and outside of the game. May the best planeswalker win!