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Ixalan Store Championships in all Outposts

Next week, the 30th of December, will be a special day as across the Outposts (and in fact across the world) we'll be playing a grand tournament to say goodbye to Ixalan and welcome the new set: Rivals of Ixalan.


Are you ready for the store championships?


In this unique event players can compete for truly fabulous prizes and take knowledge in the fact that their fellow MTG enthousiasts are playing along across the globe! The entry fee for this event rounds up to 7 Euro, which is a steal!


Now for the prizes! In our prize pool we have such things as the "Ghalta, Primal Hunger" exclusive foil from the upcoming Rivals of Ixalan. EVERY participant will get one of these (as long as supplies last of course)!


Furthermore, we have deck boxes with never-before-seen artwork, again from the upcoming 'Rivals' set, which we'll give away to the top 8 players in every Outpost.


The winner then will receive a gorgeous playmat with the entire map of the plane of Ixalan on it! (Will it show the way to Orazca? Who knows?)


Lastly we'll add two boosters to the prize pool for every person entering into the tournament.


Now those are some pretty neat prizes, right?


You can check out dates and times for your specific Outpost in the columns below.



December 30th










So construct yourself a standard deck and join us on the 30th of December when we wave farewell to Ixalan and say hello to Rivals of Ixalan!