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Introducing the Outpost Dungeonmaster Card

We love our DM's, those untouchable gods that decide life or death. The creators of worlds and tellers of fantastic stories. It's time to reward them for all their hard work.


That's why we invented the Outpost Dungeonmaster Card(tm). It is our way to give back to the Dungeon Masters who tirelessly create adventures for their parties. Additionally we love it whenever another RPG session begins in our gamecenters. So we definitely want to reward all that!

Grump Master

So what does an Outpost Dungeonmaster Card, or DMC, entail?


After hosting about 3 games in our gamecenters (with a frequency of about once every two weeks) any dungeonmaster has the right to request this card by sending a mail to dungeons& which gives him or her several bonusses.


These are:


- 20% discount on ALL RPG books.
- 20% discount on YOUR food & drinks during your session.


Pretty neat huh?


Naturally DM's will want to buy drinks for their entire party using their discount. We totally understand this, however .... we won't allow it! Sorry! Discounts are for the story-Gods only!


A DMC stays active for two weeks after your last session. Allowing you to visit whenever you want and buy books at your leisure.


Should your card expire (you might take a break from dungeoneering for a month or so) it will immediately re-activate the moment you bring a party to Outpost. This basically means your card will always work as long as you have your friends with you.


The Outpost DMC is now available in Antwerp & Ghent.