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Rivals of Ixalan Preorder

Make way for the latest MTG set: Rivals of Ixalan. Who will control the legendary city of Orazca? Nobody knows, but at least the adventure itself is now pre-orderable!


City's BlessingThe race is on! Deep inside the jungles of Ixalan the legendary Golden City of Orazca has been found. Inside it is the greatest power on the entire plane of Ixalan! The four factions: merfolk, vampires, dinosaurs, and pirates are using every (dirty) trick in the book to get there first and claim that power for their own.


How does that work with the dinosaurs really? Are they intelligent Thesauruses? Or does their victory signal that neither of the other factions has won and Orazca is claimed by nature?


Anyway, Wizards has created a pretty cool way to determine who in the end will conquer the golden city. They've released a bunch of trackeable gamepieces to fans and volunteers corresponding with the four factions. Whichever piece gets the furthest (and gains the most votes on socials) wins in the finale of the Ixalan storyline! Pretty cool huh? (My money is on Merfolk! - The most kisseable race!)


But of course you want to know about the set itself. It's a small one containing 196 cards. Double-faced cards and the transform mechanic make a reappearance along with a brand new mechanic: Ascend!

- If you control ten or more permanents, you get the city's blessing for the rest of the game.
  *If you have the city's blessing, you gain a significant advantage depending on the spell you played.
  *A special marker may be used to indicate the city's blessing on the battlefield. This is not a token, because it can't be destroyed.


That sounds pretty epic.


You can preorder everything this new set has to offer on our webstore right now, this includes:

- Single Booster Packs
- Booster Displays
- The Bundle
- Planeswalker Deck #1
- Planeswalker Deck #2
(The planeswalker decks are as of yet unnamed.)


Rivals of Ixalan will release on January 19, 2018.