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Ever since the opening of its first gamecenter in 1997, Outpost has had a special relationship with the world of Collectible Card Games (CCG's). Magic The Gathering has been around since the very beginning, with big 100-player tournaments taking up all the space in our first smaller Outpost in Antwerp. Yu-gi-oh! and Pokemon became popular from the late nineties onwards. Vanguard and the various Living Card Games are more recent releases.
Since Magic is not only the oldest but also the most successful among the CCG's, Outpost tries to offer the whole package for its Magic aficionados.

We try to keep stock of all recently released sets and always have a variety of older product on our shelves. If you rather buy a specific card, you can always check out our e-shop where you can delve into our massive Single Cards Collection.

You can always visit one of our gamecenters for a casual game of course, but Outpost also organizes a wide array of tournaments : Every week we organize Friday Nights and regular weekly drafts in every Outpost (take a look at our calendar, for precise dates). Outpost also hosts prerelease and release events, Grand Prix Trials (GPT's), Magic Game Days, Pro Tour Qualifiers (PTQ's) and much more.

In our Player's Club, we rank players based on the best 16th tournaments they played over the last (running) six months. Through the ranking, you can win free sleeves, drinks, coupons for draft and constructed tournaments and even byes* for our Outpost Open Series.

Every three months or so, one of our gamecenters hosts the Outpost Open Series, a weekend event, featuring a Super FNM on friday and special tournaments on both Saturday and Sunday.

For beginning Magic players we have designed the Friday Night Freeroll, a format for people who want an introduction to tournament play. For more information about the Freeroll, click here.

Outpost has a diversified stock of Yu-gi-oh! products: boosters, starter and structure decks, promotional series,... we try to offer it all. We also have an impressive collection of single cards on the website.

There are weekly casual tournaments in Outpost and more serious monthly events (for more information, visit our event calendar). On occasion we also organize bigger tournaments like the Nationals or World Championship Qualifiers.

Vanguard has only been around for a year or two, but its popularity is very much growing. We have a good stock of both boosters and trial decks and soon we will also introduce a Vanguard single cards section on the website.

Keep a look on our event calendar for friendly Vanguard tournaments. Now and again, Outpost also hosts bigger tournaments, like the European Open Qualifier.

We do not offer Pokemon single cards but we do have all recent boosters and starter decks available.

There are regular Pokemon tournaments in both Ghent and Antwerp (check out our event calendar for details) and Outpost also hosts the Pokemon Regional Championships.

A relatively recent addition to the card game world are the Living Card Games (LCG's) from Fantasy Flight Games. These LCG's have monthly expansions but there are no rare or promo cards to be chased. You always know what to expect, when you buy a living card game product.

Netrunner is probably the most popular among the LCG's but we also have a decent stock of Game of Thrones, Warhammer and Lord of the Rings core sets and expansions.

We run regular tournaments for Netrunner and have also hosted the Fantasy Flight Regionals on occasion.

* When a player is assigned a bye for a round, he or she is considered to have won the match 2-0.