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Pokémon: Crimson Invasion - Available Now

The portals have opened and the invasion has begun! Will Silvally-GX (and friends) triumph against the extraterrestrial invaders? Or will Alola fall prey to the ravenous Ultra Beasts?


PortalWe've already felt their influence during our sneak peek events and our trainers have boldly held the line, but now the invasion has truly begun! Random portals have opened all over Alola and mysterious Pokémon from another dimension are entering our world to try and take over our beach resorts!


Obviously we cannot let them run off with our martini's!


And have you ever seen a Guzzlord in a speedo? The humanity!


Gobble GobbleIn fact: Guzzlord-GX is a perfect example of one of these malevolent Pokémon (and one of the 110 new cards in the set).


A truly monstrous Ultra Beast with 210HP, it burns through your deck and gobbles up all your energy with its basic 'Eat Sloppily'. However, once it has achieved critical mass it will eather unleash a massive 180DMG attack with 'Tyrannical Hole' or Knock out a Pokémon with its GX ability and draw up to FOUR prize cards ... the glutton.




GarydosFortunately we are not alone in this fight. Defending Alola we see a familiar face in Gyarados-GX.


It has even more HP (240 in total) and it can do up to 200 DMG by completely destroying a Stadium (the attack is called 'Draconic Disaster' for a reason). This is fine if it is your opponent's stadium, not so much if it is yours. Finally 'Dread Storm' can wash away Energy from each of your opponent's active and benched Pokémon .... Ouch!




Naturally these two Massive Pokémon aren't the only in the 110 card set. Six more new Pokémon-GX are introduced, along with 9 new trainer cards, and a special energy card.


Will you defend Alola from invasion? Or will you join with the Ultra Beasts and take over the Islands for the ultimate beach holiday? The choice is yours!


Pokémon: Crimson Invasion is out right now in all our gamestores and on our website both in full product (such as boosters and displays) and as seperate cards.