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Dino Sized Magic Events in Outpost

Do you feel those tremors? Do you hear the roaring in the distance? It's the Dino-sized Magic events on a rampage! Run for your lives!


RawrThe latest MTG expansion, Ixalan, is all about tribes and the decks built around them. When playing a draft you always have to cross your fingers to have enough cards to build at least something around the four factions of merfolk, dinosaurs, vampires, or pirates.


Alas, sometimes your luck runs out and you end up with a crappy deck. Well, we're here to tell you that this weekend we're going to try and fix just that!


Introducing: the DINO-SIZED drafts. Instead of drafting with three booster packs like a pleb, we're going to draft with FOUR boosters befitting a mighty dinosaur. Rawr!


These drafts will be held throughout the weekend in Outpost Antwerp and Ghent whenever 8 people come together to draft. These drafts count for our ranking and will have their own prize pools.


Furthermore OPA will host a sealed deck event on Sunday the 29th. Don't miss out on that one!


You can find further information here:


Saturday 28th of October




- Dino-Sized Draft (13:00) 
Sunday 29th of October





Good luck this weekend and do try to avoid upsetting Walter: our pet dinosaur. It has developed a taste for Magic players.