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Explorers of Ixalan Preorder

Introducing Explorers of Ixalan: a bold merger between multiplayer Magic the Gathering and boardgames. Can life get any better than this?


IslandThe Ixalan storyline is quite exciting, so much even that they decided to make a boardgame out of it! However it is still very much multiplayer magic, let me explain:


Two to four players sit around an island made of tiles. Each player has his own pre-built flavour deck (more on that later) that they use to try and stomp the other four just like they would in regular multiplayer play. So far so good!


The tiles in the centre of the table each have a mana cost. If a player pays the tile's mana cost they can flip it over and reveal either an event, a quest or a site. All are advantagous to your eventual conquest of the other players and also reveal tidbits of the Ixalan storyline.


The decks you use in this game are all reprints and each has their own playstyle.


The Legion of Dusk: This White/Black midrange deck is filled with powerful Vampires that have both flying and lifesteal.

The Brazen Coalition: Fancy the life of a pirate? Arr, matey look no further! This aggressive Blue/Black deck relies on attacking again and again with overwhelming firepower.

The Riverheralds: Perhaps you're looking for something more elegant and cerebral? Then the clever merfolk are probably your thing. Their deceptive Blue/Green deck makes good use of the prowess mechanic as a way to balance might with magic.

Lastly we have The Sun Empire: Basically if you just want to stomp everyone with dinosaurs this is the deck for you. Ramp up quickly with this white/green/red deck and flood the battlefield with unstoppable gargantuan dinosaurs! Rawr!

Total Game

Whichever faction you choose Explorers of Ixalan is sure to be a fun way to play multiplayer Magic or additionally for boardgamers to experience the joys of MTG.


Explorers of Ixalan is available right now on our webstore.