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MTG Commander 2017

The time to lead is now! The Magic Commander sets for 2017 will release very soon on Friday the 25th of August.


This year will mark the first time that Commander decks will release as a four pack instead of a five pack. Fortunately each deck will still contain 100 cards. The theme (because we're doing themes now, themes are cool) for this year is 'tribal'.


The four decks this year along with their legendary creature are:


Draconic Domination – The Ur-Dragon
Feline Ferocity – Arahbo, Roar of the World
Vampiric Bloodlust – Edgar Markov
Arcane Wizardry – Inaila, Archmage Ritualist


Each of these legendaries will have the 'Eminence' keyword. Other keywords that make an appearance in this set are 'Goad', 'Rebound', and 'Phasing'.


So now that we have the dry stuff out of the way let's talk about these new decks!


Dragons have always been the typical 'red creature' and over the years we've seen a ton of them. But there is one that has always eluded us. We've seen his minions crop up in several decks (we're talking about Scion of the Ur-dragon here), but we've never met the big guy himself. Now however the Ur-Dragon finally makes an appearance. Is he as powerful as his legend would claim him to be?


Feline Ferocity .... Cats and Magic. This deck combines your two favourite things. What could possibly go wrong with that? (Note: Everything, since cats are evil and crave world dominance!)


Vampires have been supported in practically every set ever invented, however ....


..... We haven't seen the wizards return for years upon years! After such a long time they are finally getting the support they deserve. Are you excited for the resurgence of the wizards?


And that's not all that makes a return after being away for over a decade. Anyone still remember phasing? Yeah, you better brush up on that keyword.


So there's plenty to be excited about with the new sets. And wait, there's more!


Come and play with us the day after release (Saturday the 26th) and you can win the Commander deck of your choice!


And on that bombshell we're ending this article. You can preorder any of these decks on our webstore right now, or hold out for single cards when we post them, and we hope to see you on the 26th.