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Ixalan Preorder

A blend of Pirates of the Caribbean and Jurassic Park, Ixalan offers a wide world to explore and its now available for pre-order until its release on September 29th, 2017.


We're saying goodbye to the sandy, mummy-infested deserts of Amonkhet and hello to the dinosaur and pirate infested jungles of Ixalan! I'm not entirely sure that's an improvement, ... hmm.


Captain RexIxalan is a 279 card set that surprisingly features no Masterpiece cards. Not a single one! Which is quite an important fact for collectors out there.


What it does have however is the dread pirate Vraska, who will be making a return, and vehicles! The fact that the set has vehicles (more accurately: pirate ships) will make a wonderful addition to the meta. Ever since they were introduced in Khaladesh they've been quite popular and having more support for them can only be a good thing. Time to upgrade those vehicle decks folks!


Mechanics wise we'll see the return of raids, something that definitely doesn't happen every day, and at least two new keywords: Explore and Tough.


Explore lets you fiddle with your library by drawing the top card and either keeping it if it's land or putting a +1/+1 counter on a creature and either disposing of the card in the graveyard or putting it back on top.


Tough is slightly simpler: it generates 'consequences' whenever a certain creature is attacked (I'm thinking this is referring to the fact that sleeping dinosaurs do not like to be poked with a stick.)


Lastly this set leans heavily towards allied colours so that gives us an impression of what kind of decks we'll be able to make with these fancy new cards.


Ixalan will release on September 29th, but is now available for preorder on our webstore. Check out all the goodies like our boosters , displays , bundle , the deckbuilder's toolkit , and Planeswalker Decks 1 & 2 (That we don't know the names of yet).