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Burning Shadows Prereleases in all Outposts

Burning Shadows, the latest Pokémon TCG set, will release the 4th of August. That means that this weekend is a Prerelease Weekend! Join us in any of the Outposts to get a taste of what's to come when the expansion hits in 2 weeks.


Summer PikachuIt's that time of the year again: flowers bloom, school's over, people are leaving on holiday, and a new Pokémon set releases! Burning Shadows, as the new expansion is called, features over 140 new cards and includes 12 powerful new GX'es.


Because we can't wait to get our hands on all those delicious cards all Outposts are holding their very own prerelease events this weekend.


For an entry fee of 28 Euro players will receive a special prerelease pack to build their decks with and compete in a Limited-Swiss Rounds tournament.


Each one of those packs contains 4 boosters of the new set, a fixed collection of 23 cards from previous sets to flesh out your tournament deck further, and a promo card. There will be no energy cards in this pack so make sure to bring your own! Naturally you can keep everything you've gotten out of this pack.


Just for participating in our tournaments everyone will receive an additional 3 boosters of the latest set. However that's not all! Stay tuned to our articles section for more news this week as we'll announce some extra prize support for the winners! (Update: We did! You can read about it right here.)


Meanwhile you can find more information on each Outpost and when they're hosting their events on the charts below.



Saturday 22 July


- Burning Shadows Prerelease (13:00 - 18.00)


- Burning Shadows Prerelease (12:00 - 17.00)



Sunday 23 July


- Burning Shadows Prerelease (14:00 - 18.00)


- Burning Shadows Prerelease (13:00 - 18.00)



For players in Outpost Antwerp: PLEASE PRE-REGISTER BY EMAIL! Just send us a notice you are coming by mailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


We hope to see you this weekend!