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Netrunner Regional Championships

Boot up your consoles and prepare for infiltration! The Netrunner regionals have arrived @Outpost Ghent/Antwerp and it promises to be another epic prize-filled event!


PrizesIf you think you have what it takes to be THE best runner on the grid (or alternatively provide the best megacorporation defense) then you should definitely participate in our Netrunner Regional Championships.


There will be two tournaments: the first on the 25th of June in Antwerp and the second on the 22nd of July in Ghent. Players will be required to bring both a corporation and a runner deck adhering to the latest FAQ and NAPD Most Wanted List.


The price of admission is 15 Euro. Try to arrive at least 30min before the start of the Tournament to ensure a smooth and succesful registration. Games will start off with a number of Swiss rounds followed by top 4 or top 8 double-elimination rounds.


Once the running concludes and each megacorporation's secrets are either safe or stolen the results will be posted on In Outpost Antwerp specifically we'll also try to stream the top table during the day.


Now on to the bit we've all been waiting for: prizes! Everyone will get at least one prize simply for participating, but of course the best things are reserved for the fiercest and most daring among us. Here's an overview of all the goodies you can win, including a bye for the first round in the National Championships!


Participation: These players will receive a copy of the Ele ‘Smoke’ Scovak alternate art card.
Top 16: These players will receive a set of acrylic credit tokens. You get five 1 credit tokens and five 3 credit tokens with this set!
Top 8: The top eight players will receive a playmat featuring the art from the card Find the Truth.
Top 4: The top four players will receive a double-sided, plastic, spot-glossed Identity card featuring Jemison Aeronautics and Los, Data Hijacker.
First Place: The winner will receive the Magnus Opus trophy and a first round bye to a 2017 or 2018 Android: Netrunner National Championship!


For more information check out our event pages or sign up on Facebook for either Outpost Antwerp or Outpost Ghent!