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For Honor: Defend your Outpost!

Today we prove the supremacy of Outpost Antwerp over all the other, lesser, Outposts. May they cower and flee before our might as we challenge them in a game for glory, for loot, but most importantly: FOR HONOR!


KnightWe all know, deep in our hearts, that Outpost Antwerp is the supreme Outpost. None can stand before us and not recognize that we are, in fact, superior! Since some feeble minds can not seem to comprehend this we have decided to show that our players are truly the best.


What better way to demonstrate this fact than to challenge the other two Outposts in a duel through Ubisoft's latest game: For Honor! So far Outpost Ghent has shown that they have some sense of nobility by immediately accepting our challenge and so they shall face us in glorious combat on March 19th.


Outpost Brussels meanwhile is a little hesitant. Which is understandeable when you are faced with meeting the warriors of Outpost Antwerp in battle. If enough brave souls rally together on their Facebook page however we shall have a legendary threeway tournament between all the Outposts!


When our forces our rallied, betwixt the hours of noon (12:00) and dusk (18:00), players from their respective Outposts (whoever wants to take up the gauntlet) shall lock themselves into fierce 4vs4 matches on our mighty gaming rigs. Completely free of charge of course! This is a fight for honor after all!


To make sure this is a fair test of skill and not simply 'gearscore' we shall battle using clean, level 1, Outpost accounts. That way there are no shenanigans of any kind.


Naturally we will reward our volunteer knights, vikings and samurai with precious loot, not that this is more important than defending your Outpost's reputation!


The entry is free and we will be raffling some For Honor Goodies among all players. A random participant on the winning team will also win a fantastic For Honor Collector Case, holding 1/3-scale full metal replicas of each faction's helmet set atop a wooden stand.


You can check out the Antwerp facebook event here and the Ghentish one here.


Join us, noble warriors and let us prove to the Ghenteners (and perhaps the Brusseleers) once and for all who has the best community among the Outposts! 


For supremacy, for glory, FOR HONOR!

Black Knight