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Outpost Approved Kickstarter : Tortuga 1667

Our third Outpost Approved Kickstarter takes us all the way back to 1667 on the island of Tortuga. Piracy, mutiny, betrayal, and sacking a spanish galleon; we'll see it all and more. Yarrr!


Outpost Approved Kickstarters, or OAKs for short, are games we select for you and offer at the best rates we can provide without all the fuss that comes with backing a kickstarter. Just buy the game as you usually would and we'll take care of the rest! For more information: click here.


Now that we've got that out of the way, let's get to lootin', plunderin', and debating our latest OAK: Tortuga 1667. Yarr!


Faux BookFacade Games is a small company with only one game under their belt, that game being Salem, but it was an amazing success. Their team puts a great deal of love and effort into everything they make and it shows from the high-quality game pieces to the artwork and of course: great gameplay.


True to their name they ship all their games in boxes that look like ye olde books, which is quite an original gimmick. Not only does it look good on a shelf, it means their games are highly portable and minimalistic. No unnecessary pieces and easy game deployment. In Tortuga 1667 the game board even rolls up like an actual treasure map, how cool is that?


During the game all players get to choose between one of nine pirates that used to roam the seas of Tortuga circa 1667. Each player will receive several vote cards to initiate actions with later on and a hidden loyalty card. Your loyalty will decide whether you sail for the British or the French (or perhaps the Dutch when played with more people).


Next every player will be randomly put on the board. Their location will determine their initial role, either captain, first mate, cabin boy, governor of Tortuga, or a resident of Tortuga. Over the course of the game you can 'take' other people's places and assume their roles. Mutiny!


LoyaltyThe goal of the game is to loot a Spanish galleon before the Spanish armada arrives to secure it. To do this the players must work together but, we don't know who can be trusted. Your (loyal?) first mate might be working for the French and may be plotting to maroon you on Tortuga and take your place as captain! Likewise your cabin boy might be a traitor too and attempt to smuggle your hard earned loot towards his or her faction.


Trying to figure out who is loyal to you and who isn't is key to playing Tortuga 1667. The game uses a relatively easy vote system (using the vote cards you got at the beginning of the game) to steer player motivation. At any point the Captain may try to plunder booty, the First Mate may call for mutiny and The Governor of Tortuga might try to take one of the pirate ships and get off their blasted island. Through the voting system it is decided whether these things will succeed or not (and it gives you clues as to who may or may not be loyal).


But Tortuga 1667 isn't JUST a rehashed version of 'The Resistance'. During the length of the game you can choose to flip, look at, or force someone to pick one of six hidden event cards. Knowledge of these cards can be crucial as they can either be beneficial or horribly, horribly bad. They too can be used to tweak the game in your favor by selecting cards that benefit you and making other players pick the horribly bad ones.


This provides a way for honest players or people who aren't good at reading others (but are great at logic and figuring things out) to stay competitive with everyone else.


Yet teamwork remains important. For example if you select a treasure map event card you must give it to a player you trust in order to get to the booty .... and hope he/she doesn't keep it to themselves.


In the end it's all about the booty and getting it safely into holds and warehouses marked by your faction!


Now for the capital question: what will you get if you decide to support Tortuga 1667 through us?


In short: ye will be gettin' ev'ry dubloon of the vast treasure hoard matey, arrr!.


Facade Games is no fan of complicated add-ons, just quality work, and they've kept it really simple. You will get the complete game along with a few extra cards and updated artwork that were both unlocked as stretch goals.


The complete game includes:


- 1 faux book (storage)
- 1 rulebook
- 64 cards + stretch goal cards (see below)
- 9 wooden pawns
- 8 wooden treasure chests painted gold
- 1 rubber playing mat
- 1 ye olde burlap bag


+ All unlocked stretch goals:


- 8 new event cards
- Rulebook upgrade
- Captain's helm illustration on mutiny cards
- 2 'double-vote' cards
- 1 wooden explosion token


If you want to visit the original kickstarter page and look at some gameplay videos you can here.


Tortuga 1667 meanwhile is available for purchase on our webstore just as any other game. Once the game is ready, or when important updates happen, we will notify you by email as stipulated in our article here.


Get ready to sail the high seas and plunder, backstab, and brawl your way to glory! Arrr!