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Another week of boardgame updates! Read the article for more information on releases, restocks, expansions and accessories!


This week in our update we see a ton of smaller expansions for several well known games such as Conan and Time Stories as well as a whole new wave of X-wing craft!



Time Stories: Under the Mask

"We have to go back Marty!" "Back where?" "Back ... to the Future!" Or well, in this case the past. Ancient Egypt in fact! With this reprint of the third expansion for the ever-so-popular Time Stories you can explore this ancient and mysterious era with your Instantaneous Transfer Device! Too bad it's not a Delorean ...



Gloom in Space

Space is an awful place when you think about it. An immeasurably large void that is so incredibly hostile to organic life. Add to that: radiation, solar flares and transporter malfunctions and you've got all the tools to make your crew as miserable as possible and kill them. Which is exactly the goal in "Gloom in Spaaaaace"!



Conan: Kushite Witch Hunters / Dice Set

With the Kushite Witch Hunters expansion Conan's enemies grow in strength as the sorcerous Shubba and his three loyal warriors join the fray. Meanwhile you can increase your status with a set of extra dice. Because you have to have the very best dice when playing a game of Conan.



Munchkin Jolly Jumbo Dice – D6 Red or D6 Green

Speaking of Dice: Here are some (Jolly) Jumbo dice for Munchkin in both green and red colours. You also get a four new cards (two doors and two treasures).



Castles of Mad King Ludwig

King Ludwig II of Bavaria was a renowned castle builder, having ordered the construction of Neuschwanstein (the castle that inspired Walt Disney). Sadly he was also quite mad and completely unreasonable when it came to his demands. Under these circumstances you and your fellow players attempt to build his most lavish castle yet. Good luck!

Secrets : More castle-building extravaganza as the game expands with moats, secret passages and ... swans. Yeah don't ask, we don't get it either.



The Castles of Burgundy: The Card Game

Even more fun with castles in this small, compact card game where you can practice river trade, exploit silver mines, farm livestock and ... build castles.



La Cucaracha

We're not entirely sure why a lot of children's games are centered around cockroaches, but they are and there's one loose in the kitchen! Quick! Throw utensils at it and maybe, somehow, it'll run straight for our hastily laid trap. Where is admiral Ackbar when you need him?



Star Wars X-Wing: Various

X-wing is an absolutely awesome Star Wars game of epic spaceship combat. Using highly detailed models players dogfight and re-enact battles to determine the fate of the Galaxy. Since we can't possibly discuss everything about this new wave of ships as much as we'd like we've prepared a seperate article that you can read here.

Quadjumper : Remember that scene where Rey and Finn try to escape the First Order by hijacking the ship that wasn't (according to Rey) garbage, but then it got blown up? This is that ship ... obviously not blown up.

Upsilon-class Shuttle : This craft is better known as Kylo Ren's large-winged shuttle, made famous in The Force Awakens.

Sabine's TIE Fighter : What do you get when you cross an artsy mandalorian rebel with a TIE fighter?

U-Wing : Employed by the Rebellion in the movie Rogue One to move troops on and off planets quickly.

TIE Striker : Especially good at countering the nimble U-wings and blasting them out of the sky.