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February is here and with it come some promotions! Have a look at these discounts that will run in all Outposts until the end of the month.


Below are some select titles that we're offering to you at a discounted price for the remainder of the month of February. You can find more information by clicking the title link or by taking a look at our shop landing page.


(Then: 19.99 Now: 15.99)

This two-player card game tells the story of a duo of powerful traders who so happen to be the most ridiculously wealthy in Rajastan. Yet they are not satisified with their status and thus both vie for an audience at the Maharaja's court in order to become even more obscenely rich. To get there each trader/player has no other choice than to utterly destroy his or her direct competitor (economically speaking) by having better prices and making superior trades. Somehow camels are involved too ...




(Then: 29.99 Now: 24.99)

Splendor is a similar game but for up to 4 players. This time we're renaissance merchants trying to increase our prestige among the nobility of the day. In order to become the most prestigious you need to buy cards or collect gems and use them properly to acquire prestige points. The player who gets to 15 prestige points first wins the game.




(Then: 49.99 Now: 41.99)

Adrenaline attempts to bring first-person-shooter action to your tabletop games. In this fast-paced card game you try to get as much beneficial cards as you can (ammo, guns, etc) in order to unleash it all in a flurry of bullets and gunfire. The game is completely diceless and comes with a mechanic that makes your turns go faster the less health you have. Let's get that adrenaline pumping!



Born of the Gods Booster Display

(Then: 109.99 Now: 89.99)

Is an older Magic: The Gathering set with a distinct mythological theme. The set has 165 cards of which 60 are commons, 60 uncommons, 35 rares, and 10 mythic rares. If you're missing some cards from your collection then now is your chance! Although it's not current in the standard format it can be played in modern. Both formats are played in our Gamecenters with relative frequency.