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Enjoy this specially made list of LCG's, boardgames and accessories that have either released or have been restocked in our main warehouse @Outpost Antwerp.



Game of Thrones 2nd Edition LCG: Tyrion's Chain

If you've read the books or seen the television series you must remember Stannis Baratheon's daring assault on King's Landing and Tyrion's ingeneous defence. We won't spoil the outcome for you; in fact with this chapter pack you can create whatever ending you desire!



Deus: Egypt

This is an expansion for the game Deus where you too can be an Egyptian god, because who doesn't want to be one right?



Lord of the Rings LCG: The Mumakil

This LCG pack has giant elephants in it. Nuff' said.



Watson & Holmes

Immerse yourself in Victorian London as you and upt o 6 other players attempt to be the first to solve one of John Watson's unpublished cases. In order to beat your fellow detectives to the punch you'll have to employ the deductive reasoning made famous by Sherlock himself. This game promises exciting murder-solving adventures; especially for fans of the famous detective.



Via Nebula

A building game where you'll want to dispel as much mist as you can by creating paths, harvesting resources and erecting structures. Cooperation is advised, but only one can be the ultimate builder and savior of Nebula.



Star Wars LCG: Scrap Metal

Scrap Metal tries to further explore the rivalries between the forces of the Dark Side and the Light. Luke vs. Vader, Leia vs. Tarkin, Han vs. Jabba. All these relations will be tested in this new Force Pack.



Citadels Classic

The goal is to be the first to erect 8 buildings, but this isn't easy. Every turn character cards are handed to everyone and then the fun begins. The Warlord player destroys a building, the assassin kills a player, the wizard swaps a building, the thief steals someone's gold, .... and so on.



HMS Dolores

Is completely based on the psychological scenario called 'Prisoner's Dilemma'. Both parties (this time we're all pirates, yarrr!) will end up ahead if they both choose the moderate choice (of booty!), but being greedy and trying to dupe your opponent will get you even more booty! Of course, if your opponent is as greedy as you there's no reward for anyone. It's psychology 101!



The Others: 7 Sins - Corruption Pack

This is a small expansion for the others: 7 sins that adds 60 plastic corruption tokens.



Het Orakel van Delphi

Zeus wants stuff done and it's your job to do them! Quickly! Especially since other puny mortals (played by other players) will try to curry favor with Zeus first by completing his tasks before you do. So get to it! Entirely in Dutch.



Catan: Schatten, Draken & Ontdekkingsreizigers

This is an expansion for Catan that adds 6 new scenarios for more depth in your Catan playthroughs. Entirely in Dutch.