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This week we're having a small update with three new games/restocks. Enjoy!


Not many new games this week, but it's still a good update. Check out Baron Munchausen's book; it's hilarious.


Catan 5th Edition

Formerly known as 'Settlers of Catan' this is the 5th edition of the award winning island-building game. The 5th edition boasts some clarified revised rules but is mostly centered around product consistency. Since Catan is such an old game there have been numerous expansions that all look slightly different. This is a thing of the past as from now onward all products will have a uniform look.



The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen

Outdo the witty Baron at his own shenanigans! In this super-fun storytelling game each player tells an outrageously improbable story. The others will try to interject and attempt to find fatal flaws in the storyteller's web of untruthfullness. If several players are able to succesfully finish their story a vote is called to determine the best one.



Fruit Salad

In this fruity card game players attempt to create the perfect fruit salad and score four points. Fruit salad is mostly a memory game where you attempt to keep track of everything that's going on and what kind of fruit cards are being played.




This game, which has deceptively simple rules, transports players to the city of Santorini where they'll have a simple objective; move your builder to the third, top, tier. This won't be easy as both players have access to a host of variable powers to halt the other player's advance as well as a way to make top tiers of their choice 'inaccessible'.