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Star Wars Theme Nights

Every Saturday in an Outpost far, far away the Dark Side and the Light clash as we play games and battle for our chosen faction during the Star Wars Theme Nights!


Join MeThe Star Wars universe is a diverse, expansive place to explore, adventure in and tell compelling stories. To this day it keeps on growing ever larger through various media like movies, spinoff series, books and yes: games. Because what could be cooler than hearing all these stories being told? Starring in them of course! That's why, every Saturday, Outpost Ghent takes us to a galaxy far, far away with their Star Wars Theme Nights!


Star Wars Theme Nights occur every Saturday from 19:00 until midnight in Outpost Ghent. Starship enthousiasts will be able to pilot their craft in Star Wars X-Wing; while others can engage in one-on-one duels with Fantasy Flight's latest card game: Star Wars Destiny. You don't need to own any of these games as they will be provided for you as well as extra ships, squadlists and decks from various expansions.


Every other night will also feature a 'host' game such as Armada, Imperial Assault, Rebellion, and more. These games provide players with a substantially longer experience and are being managed by our resident Force user: Sebastian (we'll leave it to you to determine whether he's a fearsome Sith or a noble Jedi). You can contact him for questions regarding games, dates or Force alignment at:


To spice up gameplay across various nights and provide players with a sense of continuity two games will have a direct impact on the state of the Star Wars galaxy:


Gamers who take part in the Armada campaign will be part of 'the Corellian Conflict'. This will determine the fate of the Corellian System and whether either the Galactic Empire or the Rebel Alliance will be victorious there in the end.


A special campaign for X-wing will rage across the entire galaxy and will feature three of the prominent factions in Star Wars: The Empire, Rebels and Scum & Villainy. This campaign is made exclusively for Outpost Ghent.

End of Empire Strikes BackWhat's cool is that for both campaigns we'll display maps on the walls of OPG that show the current progress of all factions and battles from past games. That way you can check the state of the galaxy at a glance and ensure victory for whatever group you play as (for the Empire!).


Lastly championships for any of these games, mostly Destiny and X-wing, will usually coincide with the Star Wars Theme Nights. If and when these occur games will start at noon and will last until late in the evening. Since they are championships they will feature rewards such as acrylic tokens, alternate art cards, etc.


Star Wars Theme Nights are a great way to show your love for all things Star Wars, experience some epic stories and perhaps make new friends!


May the Force be with you.