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Our second Outpost Approved Kickstarter takes us down into the sewers of New York where we'll eat pizza with some cool teenaged reptillian mutants and their giant rodent ninja master.


Outpost Approved Kickstarters (or OAK's for short) are a great way to painlessly acquire some of the best kickstarters and their exclusive content currently on the net. If you're unfamiliar with OAK then perhaps check out the article explaining it right here.


With that disclaimer done let's jump right into the details of our second OAK: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Shadows of the Past. Cowabunga!


Mutant PizzaTMNT – Shadows of the Past is a miniature game by IDW Games, a well-known and respected publisher. It's designer is none other than Kevin Wilson who is responsible for several masterpiece games such as Descent and Arkham Horror. Above all he is a hard-core TNMT fan.


The game is asymetrical and heavily story driven. One player will always play the villain (such as the turtles' arch-nemesis Shredder) while one to four other players will role-play as our pizza-loving reptiles and their allies (such as April O'Neill or the one and only Sensei Splinter).


Each game will revolve around a different scenario, usually chosen by the villain player, where both sides have an objective. Scenarios can wildly differ from each other and add a ton of stuff from one game to the next. Objectives change, tokens can be added representing obstacles to overcome, the villain may have access to new resources and units, certain statistics may change for the heroes or villains, the map (layout) will change, and so on.


Unique to the game is the semi-shared dice pool on the hero side. Once the map is set and the scenario begins the heroes roll their dice and discuss their moves. This is an important part about playing the game for several reasons. Each turtle (or ally) has his own unique dice pool, but since they all work so well together they can share the dice of the person to the left and right of them. This means that during a turn you'll use your own dice and dice other players have prepared for you. Since you can freely choose who goes when this can lead to some deep tactical gameplay.


RaphaelOne exception to this is Raphael. Since he's more agressive he gets a bigger dice pool, but since he's very stubborn he doesn't use dice from his fellow players. He can however still prepare dice for his brother turtles to use as he's still incredibly loyal to them. This is just one example on how the identities of the turtles and their backgrounds seep into the game.


Speaking of which: all scenarios are based around IDW's ongoing TMNT comic book and features iconic moments from the series. Although it's certainly not required to have read said comics.

So now that we know what the game is all about: what do you get when you buy the kickstarter through us.


You'll be getting the retailer tier edition which includes:

- The full game (duh) in its exclusive box
- The April O'Neill Hero Pack
- ALL stretch goals that were unlocked in the Kickstarter.


It's good to note that the kickstarter was extremely succesful and unlocked all stretch goals available in the campaign. So everything you see on this page will be included in your purchase.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shadows of the Past is available right now in our webstore for 99.99€ and can be bought immediately without having to wait for shipping. Speaking of which: all our products were shipped to us at the lowest possible cost and without pesky duty fees!


So order a pizza, gather some friends and get ready for some epic ninja turtle action! Turtle power!