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Pendulum Domination Structure Deck Out Now!

Experience the full power of pendulum summoning in the new structure pack for the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG. Now available in all Outposts and on our webshop.


Keep CalmThe Pendulum Domination structure deck, based on cards used by Declan Akaba in the animé, is all about using D/D monsters and 'Dark Contract' cards. With their combined power Xyz, Synchro and Fusion summoning becomes a piece of proverbial cake.


D/D monsters have a range of abilities that can alter monster levels (handy for Xyz summoning). Since they're tuners they can also easily be used to Synchro summon. When combined with Dark Contracts they can be moved to a variety of places such as your hand, the field or even pendulum zones. Which is a great help for a variety of other summons.


On top of all these great summon capabilities Dark Contracts increase attack power, negate trap cards and/or break the basic rules of Fusion summoning!


Such power comes at a price however. The price here being your life points! Too much use of 'Dark Contracts' without a clear plan or goal can seriously mess you up to the point where you've given too much life away for too little gain .... leading to your eventual defeat! Tread with care when signing pacts with the darkness.


Lastly the deck adds spell cards cards that allow you to Fusion summon every turn or even use monsters in the graveyard as Fusion material!


With all these options to bring forth the greatest and most powerful cards in the game nobody will be able to stand against you .... unless they use banishing effects or spell/trap removal.


Pendulum Domination is now available in all Outposts and our webshop.