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The Gold Edition Movie Pack for Yu-Gi-Oh's The Dark Side of Dimensions is available right now!


Movie Poster2017 Starts on a high note for Yu-Gi-Oh fans as a new movie, The Dark Side of Dimensions, premiers today on January 12th! The film continues the story of fan favorite Yugi Muto and crew after *spoiler alert* they freed the Pharaoh and sent him to the next world.


Yugi has grown up a bit (he's not an eternal 10-year old like Ash) and has inherited some of the strength left behind by Atem. He'll need all of it in order to face a new adversary named Aigami. (Who may or may not be evil! Who knows?) Of course Kaiba is up to shenanigans as well.


This brings us to the Gold Edition Movie Pack which contains three Dark Side of Dimensions Booster Packs. These packs include cards played on screen by both Kaiba, Yugi and Aigami and feature favourites like Dark Magician Girl as well as new variants introduced in the movie like Lemon and Apple Magician Girl. Each pack also contains two gold secret rares.


The first one is either Krystal Dragon or Duza the Meteor Cubic Vessel. The second one is either Dark Magician or Blue-Eyes White Dragon. These cards are randomly inserted into each pack so if you want them all it will take you several packs to collect them.


The Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack is a great addition for anyone excited to see the new movie as well as those who want to collect some of its new cards. Also Lemon Magician Girl is really cute!


The Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack Gold is available right now on our webshop and in our physical stores.


Alongside this release we have several The Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Displays in stock! Each of these contains a large amount of boosters (24) for those interested in collecting all the cards.