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Preorder: Dawnfall Conflict - Kickstarter Edition

Be among the very first to receive the epic competitive boardgame The Edge: Dawnfall, our very first Outpost Approved Kickstarter!



The Edge: Dawnfall is a very exciting game and our first choice as Outpost Approved Kickstarter. If you're unfamiliar with OAK then check out the link here. That should tell you everything you need to know about our new service.


So now that we got that out of the way: what is 'The Edge: Dawnfall'?


Map With StickersDawnfall is a miniature game marketed as a fresh take on competitive gaming. (Although the game can be played cooperatively or even singleplayer.) It pits several factions against either each other, or against the forces of Darkness on two gorgeous maps: the Battle Map and the World Map. The latter is only used in campaign mode and changes as players win or lose battles or make certain plot decisions. For instance a city can be destroyed by the Demon faction. The players then put a destroyed sticker on the map forever wiping it from existance and add several points to the Demons' starting power (again with stickers). In this game actions have very permanent consequences!


The Battle Map however is where all the action is. It features a unique system of movement using hexagons both on the map itself and on the miniature bases. This makes it so size matters! Several miniatures are way bigger than others and tower over them. They can push other pawns aside and interact with them by interlocking the hexagonal bases in certain ways. This makes space and movement very important when making tactical decisions.


Speaking of combat: there are very few dice! Players/minions instead have special abilities and cards which dictate the flow of battle. This makes gameplay incredibly fast-paced and indeed, during early showcases this was one of the game's major praises.


Lastly we have the factions themselves and the story around them. The creators of the Edge universe are trying really hard to bring it to life, using various media such as the campaign, story books, comics, etc. There are six factions: Chapter, Demons, Faceless, Reborn, Dvergar and Rha-Zack.


That's pretty much the game, so let's get down to the important questions. What do you get when you order through us and how much will it cost?


We offer the retail tier product on the kickstarter which is the Conflict Box and all it's extra content + unlocked stretch goals. This includes:Chapter Vs Demons

- The Chapter Vs. Demons Box (Sadly you can't pick another, we checked)

- One extra Faction Box (Here you can choose)
- A complete set of Faction related components (these include tokens, dice, banners, cards, tiles, maps, scenario books and stickers all related to the three factions in your order)
- All unlocked stretch goals (These include a ton of miniatures and the full Darkness Campaign + a ton of cards and tokens)

You can find a full overview on the Kickstarter page here or this handy overview here.

Do bear in mind that if you want to pick your extra Faction you should add the name of said Faction in a note during the checkout process.


The Edge: Dawnfall - Conflict Box comes at the price of 134.99 Euro, which is comparable to the Kickstarter price + shipping. Perhaps that doesn't seem like great value at first, until you take into account that we provide one hell of a service for you at no extra charge (as described in our OAK Article) and you're completely safe from pesky import taxes.


That's it. I hope you enjoyed reading about our very first OAK and we'll see you at the next one!