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Outpost, an epicenter for gaming in Europe


Since the first Outpost opened its doors in 1997, PC Gaming has been a central part of the Outpost entertainment concept.


Outpost is a gaming café combining the latest hardware, ample gaming space and the right atmosphere to create a fun social context for our gaming passion.


Outpost now counts over 9.000 active PC-gamers from all over Belgium.


Outpost has been at the forefront of game releases, and has hosted a multitude of press conferences and launch events for iconic AAA titles over the years.


Outpost has also organized and co-organized major international eSports events like the Belgian Qualifiers for the World Cyber Games, the Antwerp E-masters and the 'Outpost on Fire'-series. Other events that Outpost has organized, assisted in the organization of, or participated in include, over 20 international and national eSports events, ESL Tournaments, major gaming festivals and fairs such as NEXT, Gamezone, Gaming Experience, Gameland and much more.



So you're hosting a LAN party? Every day is a LAN party in Outpost.


Our gaming floor does not only consist of gaming PCs but is also a bar AND a hub for other gaming communities (card gamers, board gamers,...). You watch all the live action, eSports streams, documentaries and more on our large TV screens while sipping a drink and sharing a pizza with your friends.


You can sit at our gaming PCs in comfort, playing your favorite games with your friends while sharing a drink. If you feel hungry we have a range of snacks and meals so you don't have to cut a minute off your game time. We offer a quality service, in a comfortable gaming environment where you can feel right at home.


The combined floor area of our three Gamecenters; Antwerp Brussels and Ghent is approximately 940 square meters, with Outpost Antwerp as our founding and flagship store.


Coming to Outpost is a social and entertaining experience which attracts the casual gamer as much as the pro gamer. Outpost is a place where you can meet and chat with your fellow gamers, a hangout where you can discuss your latest strategies and game tactics.


If live events are your thing, The Outpost Saturday Brawl is our monthly gaming event where you can game in a friendly environment. The Saturday Brawl attracts over 140 players every month from all over Belgium.


Outpost Gamecenters, a household brand for Belgian gamers since 1997. We look forward to welcoming you to a true community gaming experience!