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We already had the Friday Night Freeroll for Magic players who wanted a first introduction to organized play. In Antwerp and Ghent, we will now try to build on that with the League of New and Beginning Magic Players.



This new event will be organized every two weeks on Thursday evening in both Outpost Antwerp and Outpost Ghent.


The League is free for everyone. Attendees will be coached by more experienced players, making this the ideal moment to pose all your Magic-related questions.


The format of the night will be decided on the night itself based on the wishes of the people presents. "League Standard" obviously is a perfect format to start with Magic as it's focussed for newer players and is very cheap.



We even have decks available for you to borrow, so you do not have to bring along anything.


If you feel like bringing your own "League Standard" deck, here are the rules for a "League Standard" deck: - 60 cards minimum - maximum 4 rares/mythics (all different) - maximum 15 uncommons - all cards should be standard legal