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Outpost Board Game Update

Pirates reign suprise in this update as we have no less than 3 games containing piratas! Of course we have other surprises as well. Tentacles, anyone?



Mansions of Madness: Horrific Journeys

Horrific Journeys doesn't take place in Arkham this time. Instead we see four new adventurers taking a doomed trip on one of three scenario's: An airship lost in a storm, an ocean liner lined with TNT, and a train desperately fleeing some hidden threat. Can you survive the journey and uncover the dastardly plots? Will those plots contain tentacles? Most likely!



Puerto Diablo

A game fit for a pirate: Puerto Diablo has no turns (act whenever you like!), fragile alliances, and lots of backstabbing. During the game you'll build out a deck and acquire personal wealth. However when it comes to the quest part – no pirate can do those alone. So alliances must be forged ... just beware: we're still dealing with pirates here. Alliances are short lived and often end in bloodshed.



Dice Throne: Season Two

Dice Throne is an arena-like game where players take unique heroes into battle. Each hero has unique dice and abilities. Roll the dice to attack players and acquire combat points to purchase cards that do a variety of things. These often include dice manipulation (yours or your opponent's!) Eventually only one hero can rise to take the throne!

Cursed Pirate vs Artificer : Even though she suffers from the same curse as in the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie the Cursed Pirate is not to be underestimated. Meanwhile the Artificer powers up his robot army along with a variety of deadly gizmos!

Gunslinger vs Samurai : The deadly serious samurai is on a quest to put to the sword all those he finds unworthy. The gunslinger meanwhile is on a quest for vengeance, using dual pistols to meet out justice.

Seraph vs Vampire Lord : In this fight between light and dark we see the majestic Seraph, an angel you do NOT want to meddle with. On the side of darkness we have the Vampire Lord, an ancient foe gifted with immortality, blood magic, deadly claws, and a mesmerizing gaze.

Tactician vs Huntress : The Tactician comes straight out of a Command & Conquer game as the ultimate master of the battlefield. Meanwhile the Huntress couldn't be more different: relying on instinct, ferocity, and her saber-tooth tiger companion to assure victory.



NOIR: Deductive Mystery Game - Black Box Edition

In this game of hidden roles you get an identity (from a huge deck of cards) as well as a special role (suche as 'inspector', 'thief', or 'killer') with a certain playstyle and objective. The first to complete their objectives wins the game! Because this is the black box edition it contains many more role and identity cards than the base game.




In Villainous you take on the roles of famous Disney Villains (such as Captain Hook, Malificent, and Ursula). Each player has their own little space on the game board and their own deck. The goal is to fulfil your villain's objective. But beware the heroes! Players can play hero cards from that villain's movie (such as that pesky Peter Pan!) that messes with the corresponding villain's plans. It's a game where it's good to be bad!



Scythe Encounters

This 32-card encounter deck was made entirely using fan submissions (which got reworked and polished of course). Now you can add this deck to your encounter stack in Scythe! Although the developers do suggest you play with them on their own for a few games.