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Core Set Release Events in all Outposts

The latest Magic release is almost upon us with Core Set 2019! Come to any Outpost during the weekend of July 14th/15th and win some goodies!

Bring a friend and play for free!

Friendship: it is the foundation Outpost is built upon. (That and actual solid concrete.) Which is why, for the entirety of Summer, we're launching our new "Bring a Friend"-program!

July Sales Promotions

This month dark forces are rallying and whether they're simple French murderers or Eldritch Horrors from the beyond these discounted games are sure to bring a little darkness to your game nights!

CS:GO Community Day in Outpost Antwerp

Welcome to our second Community Day (things are going so fast). The game we're building around this time? Counterstrike: Global Offensive!

Core Set 2019 Prereleases in all Outposts

Core Set 2019 is the newest addition to the MTG family. You can soon play this villain-centric set for the very first time during our prereleases this weekend!

Outpost Joins the Pathfinder Playtest

Paizo needs our help! This is an opportunity for fans to join the evolution and give constructive feedback on their massive new project: The Second Edition of Pathfinder!

Community Day: Hearthstone

Welcome to the very first Community day in Outpost Antwerp. On Wednesday the fourth of July we'll be hosting gamers for our first community game: Hearthstone!

Core Set 2019 Open House in all Outposts

Welcome to our Open House for M2019, where we say goodbye to the previous sets and embrace the new Core Set 2019! Also: Planeswalker Decks!

Preorder the 2019 Core Set Now!

You thought it was gone, but its back now: an all new core set for Magic!

Weekly Boardgame Update

Half of the games presented this time are some sort of special edition! Isn't it fun to be deluxe? People may have also noted that sometimes our board game update skips a week or two. Do not be alarmed! It simply means no board games have arrived that week.

Free RPG Day in Outpost Antwerp

Cthulhu be praised! Saturday June 16th is Free RPG Day!

Vote for the Belgian Hearthstone National Team

Things are lively in the Hearthstone Universe. We recently had some balance changes, a 'Get in here!' bundle, and now there's an opportunity to vote for our Belgian national team.

Antigraviator Release Party in Outpost Antwerp

Learn more about Antigraviator, a Belgian game created by Cybernetic Walrus. Afterwards join us in Outpost Antwerp or Ghent on the 6th of June to celebrate its global release on PC and play the game for free until Sunday 10th!

Pokémon League Cup in Outpost Antwerp

The road to Pokémon mastery will eventually lead you to a league cup, fortunately that's exactly what we're hosting here in Outpost Antwerp on the 10th of June!

Weekly Boardgame Update

Apart from braving the apocalypse you can build fantastical machines and railroads in this week's board game update!

June Sales Promotions

Our June sale brings with it two awesome bag-building games and a variant of the popular 'the Resistance'.

Johan de Gruyter fourth in Grand Prix Birmingham

Two weeks ago Johan De Gruyter placed fourth at the Grand Prix in Birmingham. He has since prepared an account of his experiences which we're now here to share.

Battlebond Prerelease Events in all Outposts

Introducing Battlebond! The latest Magic sensation centered around Two-Headed Giant play! Join the Outposts in an exciting prerelease weekend as teams duke it out in our tournaments across the weekend.

Giant Killer Robots: Heavy Hitters is here!

Outpost, in cooperation with Hammerstrike AMG and Diamondback Industries is ready to launch their latest product. A board game representing the super-popular reality-tv show: Giant Killer Robots.

Let off some steam in Outpost, students!

Students rejoice! Upon showing us your student card (and thus proving you suffer from horrible exams!) you are entitled to a full hour of FREE play on our mighty PC rigs. Moreover you can repeat this action EVERY DAY from the 26th of May up until the 30th of June!