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Pokémon Kids Days in all Outposts

On Sunday the 3rd of October, we will be organizing Pokémon Kids Days in all three Outposts ! Both kids and their parents are more than welcome!

The Wild Beyond the Witchlight Release Event

In the weekend of the 24th till the 26th of September, we'll celebrate the release of the new D&D Book The Wild Beyond the Witchlight with a grand release event in Outpost Antwerp!

Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Preleases in all Outposts

In the weekend of 17, 18 and 19 September, all three Outposts will host prereleases for the new Magic Set: Innistrad: Midnight Hunt. During the prerelease weekend you will also be already able to buy Set Booster Boxes in-store (+ a buy-a-box promo card)!

Weekly Streaming Schedule: 9/08-15/08

This week Puddychan is going to make us some wine and Nillito is going to pull some treasures out of the box opening of YGO Dawn of Majesty

Giveaway: Pokémon Trainer's Toolkit 2021

De Pokémon Trainer's Toolkit , "Everything You Need to Build a Powerfull Deck!", is binnen!

En we geven er ééntje weg, zomaar, omdat we zo zijn :)

New VR Games in Outpost Antwerp!

Outpost VR has 4 new scenarios; a sequel, a new zombie plague and 2 escape rooms!

Giveaway: MTG 2021 Starter Kits

De nieuwe MTG 2021 Starter Kits zijn nu te koop bij Outpost. En 4 gelukkigen kunnen ze winnen!

Giveaway: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Commander Deck

The new Adventures in the Forgotten Realms set is now officially out and for sale in our webshop and the three gamecenters. To celebrate that, we'll be giving away a commander deck!

Weekly Streaming Scheddule: 21/07-25/07

This week we'll have two episodes of the Dungeonmasters, our Yu-gi-oh locals streams and on Wednesday, some old geezers will try to take down the final boss on the Outpost Valheim server. Quite the mix!

Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Prereleases in all outposts

A wizard, A druid and a monk walk into a play some Magic The Gathering! Defeat cruel monsters with your heroes, or become the beholder that pesters them continuously in this new MTG expansion set into the magnificent world of the Forgotten Realms.


Weekly Streaming Schedule: 05/07-11/07

This week we have got not one but TWO episodes featuring our beloved Dungeonmasters, on Friday and Sunday. Nillito will be tackling a rather philosophical question on wednesday...

Pokémon Booster Sale!

This weekend, from Friday 02/07 till Sunday 04/07 we will be doing a big Pokemon Booster Sale on both the webshop and in Outpost Antwerp. No less than five boosters will be discounted.

Big Miniature & Scenery Sale!

This weekend, from Friday the 25th of June till Sunday the 27th of June, we do a BIG Miniature Sale on both our webshop and in Outpost Antwerp. A whopping 20% discount on ALL miniatures!

Try out Roguebook for free in Outpost Antwerp & Ghent

This week, from Thursday up till Sunday the 27th of June, all of you will have the chance to try the great new single player card game Roguebook by the Belgian Developer Abracam for free on our Outpost PC's!

Weekly Streaming Schedule: 24/06-27/06

This week some new videogames on show: The single player card game Roguebook on Thursday and Wotc's Dark Alliance on Sunday. Combine that with our Dungeonmasters and a raveparty and the weekend is full!

Weekly Streaming Schedule: 14/06-20/06

This weekend we'll have a Chilling Reigns Box Opening on Friday (and yes you can win stuff!), a hosted raveparty on Saturday and a variety of games by our Dungeonmasters on Sunday.

Weekly Streaming Schedule: 07/06-13/06

Board games, Puzzle games, Lightning Overdrive, some Dungeons & Dragons and a raveparty. There is something for everyone in this week's streaming schedule !

Weekly Streaming Schedule 31/05-06/06

This weeks some puzzle games on Sunday and lots of Lightning Overdrive, with a sneak peek on Friday and a box opening on Saturday.


Weekly Streaming Schedule: 17/05-23/05

This week, our dungeon masters will discuss the new D&D release. We have the YGO locals on Friday, a Vanguard Box Opening on Saturday and Kevin will go for some "puzzling puzzle games" on Sunday!

Weekly Streaming Schedule: 10/05-16/05

Yet another episode of Curse of Strahd featuring our Dungeon Masters, a raveparty (yes a raveparty) with Therealstraftanz and Kevin hosting The House of Da Vince. A full weekend!