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Outpost Board Game Update

Assassins, Vampires, and space virmin are the subject of this week's board game update!

Outpost Board Game Update

This week's update features a beloved Sci-fi Franchise, powerful wizards, dashing heroes, .... and birdwatching?

BEEGO Student event in Outpost!

On the 19th of March BEEGO, with support from Alternate and Outpost Antwerp will organise the gaming event of the year. Free of charge if you're a student.

Outpost Boardgame Update

From the gladiatorial arenas of Rome, to the Outback of Australia, and the realm of Atlantis. Battle skeletons, the Great Old Ones, and increase your influence all with this Board Game Update!

Boardnado Reviews: Villainous

Nobody expects another Boardnado Review, yet (much like the Spanish Inquisition) here we are with everything you need to know about a sinister boardgame called: Villainous.

March Sales Promotions

This month we're having three card games on sale, one of them being the Disney version of the popular 'Cards against Humanity'.

Outpost Launches its VR Experience

It's not often we add a new feature to one of our gamecenters. Since we already cover card, board, and videogames what else could we possibly branch into? Introducing the Outpost Virtual Reality Experience!

City League for Counterstrike is back!

What started out as an experiment is now a popular esports competition! Join one of our City League teams or cheer us on as both Antwerp and Ghent will fight to the bitter end on the 7th of March!

Outpost Boardgame Update

From way out into space down to the deepest mine: we've got you covered game-wise!

Come and Play the Division 2 Beta in Outpost!

This weekend play the Division 2 Beta in Outposts Ghent and Antwerp entirely for free!

Ubisoft Celebrates 20 Years of ANNO!

20 Years of Anno! To celebrate this amazing event and Ubisoft's soon-to-be released Anno 1800 you can play the Closed Beta in Outpost Antwerp this weekend entirely for free! Perhaps you can even win a key for the full game when it releases on April 16th ....

February Sales Promotions

We've got three new games on sales this month. Are there any pirate games in it? You're damn right! We simply can't get enough of that booty ... 

Outpost Board Game Update

There's party games galore in this update! Also: some pirates. Because one can never have enough of pirates!

Yu-Gi-Oh Sneak Peek: Savage Strike in all Outposts

Join us this weekend as we take a sneak peek at upcoming Yu-gi-Oh set Savage Strike.

Ravnica Allegiance Releases in all Outposts

Join us this weekend in any of our three gamecenters to celebrate the release of the latest Magic Set: Ravnica Allegiance.

Outpost Board Game Update

Pirates reign suprise in this update as we have no less than 3 games containing piratas! Of course we have other surprises as well. Tentacles, anyone?

Ravnica Allegiance Prereleases in all Outposts

Join us in your favourite Outpost for Ravnica Allegiance's Prerelease Weekend!

January Sales Promotions

Whether you're searching for the One Ring, trying to save the world from supervillains, or match wits with the greatest detective of all time .... here in Outpost you can do it at discounted prices!

Outpost Closing Hours During The Holidays

Happy Holidays from Outpost! Just like everyone else we're clocking out for the year. Check the article to find out when we're closed.

Outpost Board Game Update

It's a new Board Game Update with Pizza, (Galactic) Empires, and dragons!