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Rivals of Ixalan Release Events in all Outposts
Starting this Saturday the 20th we're kicking off our release weekend for the new set: Rivals of Ixalan.
Pokémon Ultra Prism Prereleases in all Outposts

Get ready for the prerelease of Ultra Prism: the latest Pokémon set! Soon to arrive in your nearest Outpost!

Outpost Player's Club Ixalan Wrap-Up

Our sixth season, Ixalan, has now come to an end. Our Outpost Ranking Calculator (O.R.C.) is now hard at work to make sense of all the tournament data we have in our possession.

Omen By HP Rocket League Tournament in Outpost Ghent

2018 Has only just arrived and already we're having one of the most tryhard events you'll ever see: The Omen (by HP) Rocket League Tournament!

Ultra Pro sponsors our Rivals of Ixalan Prereleases

You get extra loot, and you get extra loot, everyone gets extra loot! .... (ok, perhaps not everyone).

Rivals of Ixalan Prereleases in all Outposts

The race for the legendary golden city of Orazca has begun! Expand your decks with 196 new cards and join us across the Outposts for a total of 18 Prerelease events!

Rivals of Ixalan Preorder

Make way for the latest MTG set: Rivals of Ixalan. Who will control the legendary city of Orazca? Nobody knows, but at least the adventure itself is now pre-orderable!

Pokémon League Cup in Ghent

This weekend, on Saturday the sixth of January we will have our first league cup in Outpost Ghent. Since we did not want to have two big tournaments in one weekend, we have postponed the one in Antwerp.

January Sales Promotions

Another month another batch of sales. This month we're having slashed prices on Bloodborne, Photsynthesis, and Kingdomino!

Ixalan Store Championships in all Outposts

Next week, the 30th of December, will be a special day as across the Outposts (and in fact across the world) we'll be playing a grand tournament to say goodbye to Ixalan and welcome the new set: Rivals of Ixalan.

Azul Available Now

Azul, the gorgeous game of tile-placing, is now available across the Outposts. A real stand-out and perfect for the holidays, we could not miss out on the opportunity to put Azul in the spotlight.

Outpost Closing Hours During The Holidays

Outpost is closing! Oh noes! 'Tmust be a sign of the impending apocalypse!

Hearthstone Tavern Brawl in Outpost Antwerp

HEARTHSTONE! Where battles rage across the Outpost. HEARTHSTONE! Prepare your deck or you are burned toast! HEARTHSTONE! Nemsy is all that we want to own. HEARTHSTONE is home!

Christmas Shopping List

Do you think the world of boardgames is like a godawful maze? Do you have trouble navigating the great material currents towards the perfect gift? Despair no longer! Our Ultimate Boardgame Christmas Shopping Guide is here to help!

Belgian Legacy Cup Finals in Outpost Brussels

Before the year comes to an end we have one more tournament to play, one more champion to crown, and one more trophy to award: The Belgian Legacy Cup!

Unstable Release Weekend in all Outposts

It took Mark Rosewater 13 years, but Friday 8 December finally marks the arrival of the much anticipated third UN-set!

Weekly Boardgame Update

A lot of Sci-Fi with a hint of (Eldritch) Madness in this week's Board Game Update!

New Games on the Outpost PC's

What do we want? NEW GAMES! When do we want it? RIGHT NOW!

December Sales Promotions

Black Friday is over and all prices everywhere have returned to normal, but don't despair! We still have our December sales!

Weekly Boardgame Update

Another great collection of boardgames! If you don't think you can make it through the whole thing, perhaps summon a Mr. Meeseeks?