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Outpost Streaming Schedule: 18/01 - 24/01

More streams this week. Not on monday or Thursday, but the rest of the schedule is packed. The Nuzlads, Dilla, Nilito Dabeanie and our Dungeonmasters will do the honours.

Outpost Streaming Schedule: 11/01 - 17/01

This week's streaming schedule on our Outpost Antwerp Twitch Channel features The Nuzlads, Dilla, Nilito, Dabeanie and our beloved Dungeon Masters !

Black Friday Sales!

From Black Friday the 27th of November, 0h00 till Cyber Monday the 30th of November, 24h00, we will have our Black Friday Sales with 10% on most products and special promotions to top it all.

Zendikar Rising Prereleases in all Outposts

Zendikar Rising Prereleases will be held in all Outposts from Friday the 18th till Thursday the 24th of September. We will be hosting both bubble and corona-proof prerelease events. Booster displays of the new set will be on sale to all prelease participants over the same period.

Rime of the Frostmaiden release events

The cold months are arriving in Belgium, come and hide from the Icewind in the warmth of Outpost. And while you're here, join our Release week of Icewind Dale: Rime of The Frostmaiden! Due to the situation it will not be the huge party you are used to, but we will take care of you nevertheless!


RPG-Collection for Sale during Free RPG Day

Unique and diverse RPG collection for sale in Outpost Antwerp, only on Free RPG Day, the 25th of July!



Outpost Antwerp launches a live streaming setup

This friday, the 24th of July, we will be launching Outpost Antwerp’s brand new streaming set up!


Free RPG Day in Outpost Antwerp & Ghent

Sharpen your dice and ready your pencils (or is it the other way around?) because it's time for another edition of Free RPG Day!


Pokémon Kids Days: the bubble version

Goed nieuws voor al onze Pokémon fans, groot en klein! Vanwege het grote succes van de vorige edities hebben we besloten om onze Pokémon Kids Days te hervatten!


Perfect Hotel Promotion

For those of you who couldn't go on holiday due to unfortunate circumstances, fret not, we at Outpost Gamecenters have found the perfect hotel for you!


Belgian Game Days: Rise of Humanity Try-out

Attention, gamers! On the 8th of July Outpost Antwerp will be opening up some of our rigs to everyone to test the Belgian indie game title Rise of Humanity! This also marks the launch of a new line of events: the Belgian Game Days!

The Outpost VR Room is open again !

Attention, gamers!

Starting July 1st our glorious VR Room will be open to the public once again!

Core set 2021 Prereleases in Outpost

A century-old war will be fought from the 26th of June till the 2nd of July. This war had been raging for millenia, battles have been fought with occasional victories for both sides. Which side will you support, the cats or the dogs? The Egyptians had made their choice, now it’s your turn!

Organized Play in times of Corona

Slowly but surely, the world is starting up again. This also goes for Outpost and it just wouldn’t be the same without our weekly events! All weekly and regular events will be run again, obviously with the correct measures to ensure everyone’s safety.

Boardgame Promotion

If you buy for more than 70€ worth of Boardgames this week in one of our gamecenters or in our webshop, you will get the Dutch version of Mafia de Cuba for free !

Test Opening Days & In-store pickup

Bit by bit, we are taking baby steps towards a full opening of our gamecenters. The next phase will be two test opening days of both our gamecenters in Antwerp and Ghent on Friday the 15th and Saturday the 16th of May, from 12h00 till 18h00.

Ikoria Sales and Preorders: Important Update

For the Ikoria release, both Outpost Ghent and Antwerp will be open friday and saturday, the 15th and the 16th of May, from 12h00 till 18h00. No horeca, no events, no lan-gaming: only shopping will be allowed and only a limited amount of customers will be able to enter our respective shops.

Outpost online Magic Tournaments

Both Outpost Antwerp and Ghent will be organizing a special Magic Arena tournament for Outpost regulars. We will be limiting these first two tournaments to 32 Players. The tournaments will be free and we'll be giving away mystery boosters as prize support!

Easter Sale: 10% on all single cards

From Easter Monday Noon (12 o'clock) the 13th of April till Friday Midnight of the 17th of April, we'll be offering a 10% discount on all single cards in the webshop, including Magic The Gathering, Pokemon and Yu-gi-oh singles. Time to complement those decks folks !