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Weekly Boardgame Update

Welcome to our Weekly Boardgame Update from between 11/07 till 17/07. Now with 35.7% more hilariousness!

Ultra Pro sponsors our Burning Shadows Prereleases

We promised extra loot and now we deliver! Thanks to our generous friends at Ultra Pro we're able to ensure extra large amounts of swag during our Pokémon Prereleases this weekend!

Weekly Boardgame Update

With 8 new releases we're happy to present to you the Weekly Boardgame Update from July 4th through July 11th.

Burning Shadows Prereleases in all Outposts

Burning Shadows, the latest Pokémon TCG set, will release the 4th of August. That means that this weekend is a Prerelease Weekend! Join us in any of the Outposts to get a taste of what's to come when the expansion hits in 2 weeks.

Hour of Devastation Releases in all Outposts

Enjoyed our prerelease event? Then get ready for our Hour of Devastation release event this weekend across all the Outposts.

Code of the Duelist Preorder

Code of the Duelist is the latest upcoming set for the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG; which will release on the 4th of August. Make sure you have the cards and packs you want then by preordering on our webstore today!

Weekly Boardgame Update

Here are the new arrivals and restocks in our Antwerp warehouse in between 27/06/2017 and 04/07/2017.

Hour of Devastation Prereleases in all Outposts

Cancel your plans, gather your friends and get ready for one hell of a weekend! Outpost Antwerp, Ghent and Brussels are most excited to invite you to the Hour of Devastation Prereleases!

Outpost Player's Club Update

The Amonkhet Season has come to a close. That means we're about to take a look at just how well we performed and how much extra loot we've earned!

July Sales Promotions

A new month means new promotions! Check out the great deals on select items from our store.

Weekly Boardgame Update

Enjoy this extensive list of new items and restocks in our Outpost Antwerp Warehouse from 21/06/2017 until 27/06/2017.

Pokémon Single Cards now in the Outpost Webshop

Pokémon trainers everywhere rejoice! Starting today there is a brand new category of items available in the Outpost Webstore: Pokémon Single Cards!

Weekly Boardgame Update

Weekly Boardgame Updates are back! Take a look at what's hot (See what I did there? Because of the weather ... nevermind) in Outpost Antwerp between June 13th and 20th!

Preorder Hour of Devastation
The hour of Devastation approaches; soon the God-Pharaoh Nicol Bolas will return and everyone will be doomed! Fortunately they'll make a great card set out of it which you can preorder now before its release on July 14th.
PLAYERUNKNOWN's Battlegrounds now on our Outpost PC's!

Today's hottest battle royale-type game is now available on our cool Outpost PCs!

Netrunner Regional Championships

Boot up your consoles and prepare for infiltration! The Netrunner regionals have arrived @Outpost Ghent/Antwerp and it promises to be another epic prize-filled event!

Announcing the AGA Cup 2017!

Duelists! Get ready for the event you've been waiting for all year: the AGA Cup! This year Hermelijn Aalst and Outpost Ghent/Antwerp are presenting another summer of excellent rewards and the highly desired, one-of-a-kind, AGA award!

Pokémon League Cup
Prepare your strongest decks for battle! On Sunday June 11th Outpost Antwerp will hold the Pokémon League Cup. Sign up now and seize glory!
Outpost June Sales Promotions

In June we have some more interesting sales promotions, both in our gamecenters and the webshop. We have discounts on Cosmic encounter, both the English and the Dutch version of Codenames and Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective: Jack & West.

Play Tekken 7 for free in Outpost

This weekend, you will be able to play the new Tekken 7 (on PC !) for free in both Outpost Antwerp & Ghent. The best fights are personal !!!