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Belgian Legacy Cup Trial in Outpost Antwerp

This Sunday, the 28th of August, the Belgian Legacy Cup will pay a visit to Outpost Antwerp for one of their trials. For all lovers of the glorious legacy format !

Amonkhet Gamedays in all Outposts

Amonkhet has been out for some weeks so it is yet again time to test out the current meta during the Amonkhet Gamedays. All Outposts will be organizing some, both on Saturday the 20th and Sunday the 21st of May.

Magic League Amonkhet

The Magic League program officially launches with Amonkhet on May 1, 2017 and will run for four weeks in Outpost Antwerp, ending on May 28. League is a quick-start, casual program for players of all levels.

Outpost May Sales Promotions

Check out our May Sales Promotions in our gamecenters and the webshop. We have a discount on Yamataï, Pandemic: Iberia AND on our Gloomhaven 2nd Edition Preorder!

Outpost Saturday Brawl in Outpost Antwerp

May is here, so let's have another brawl! On Saturday May 6th ! League of Legends and Overwatch will be the featured games. We will be raffling a Razer Blackwidow Stealth Keyboard amongst all participants !

Sun & Moon: Guardians Rising Prerelease in Outpost Antwerp

This Sunday, the 30th of April, Outposts Antwerp will host a Pokémon Prerelease Tournament to celebrate the upcoming Pokémon set Sun & Moon: Guardians Rising.

Maximum Crisis Sneak Peeks in all Outposts

The world is rapidly going to smithereens: that's probably why the latest set for the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG is aptly called Maximum Crisis. Join us on the 29th and the 30th of April to get an exclusive sneak peak and go home with 5 boosters, promo cards and possibly other loot!

Amonkhet Release Events in all Outposts

On both Saturday the 29th and Sunday the 30th of April, all Outposts will be holding several Amonkhet release events as well as random drafts all day long! Starting with this week's Friday Night Magic draft, all drafts will be with the new set.

Ultra Pro sponsors our Amonkhet prereleases !

Ultra Pro has decided to spice up the prize support for our upcoming Amonkhet prereleases in all Outposts. They will be adding Duel Flip Boxes, Planeswalker Deckboxes and Eclipse sleeves to the prize pool !

Amonkhet Prerelease Events in all Outposts

Are you ready to tread the lands of the God-Pharaoh ? From the Midnnight prerelease on Friday the 21st of April till the evening prereleases on Sunday the 23rd, each Outpost will organize six prereleases for the new Amonkhet Set.


Preorder Gloomhaven Second Printing now !

Gloomhaven will get a second printing and it is bound to arrive in the summer ! To give everyone the opportunity to get their hands on this new standard in Dungeon Crawling games, we have made the second printing available for preorder in our webshop.

Amonkhet Open House

Set to occur in both Outpost Anwerp & Ghent on Saturday, April 15, a week before the Amonkhet Prereleases, this new event encourages casual fun for new players and easy, league-style Standard play with a participation promo reward.

New games on the Outpost PC's

New games, new games! It's like Christmas, but in April! Both Resident Evil 7: Biohazard and Mass Effect: Andromeda are now playable on our mighty Outpost rigs.

Outpost April Sales Promotions

It's time to look at our sales promotions for April! Take a look at the discounts on select items in our Outpost stores.

Announcing Outpost on Fire!

Coming April 8th and 9th Outpost Antwerp will be on FIRE as we'll proudly play host to a massive international Call of Duty tournament! 16 Teams will battle it out for glory and your enjoyment. Don't miss a second of it!

Amonkhet Preorder

Amonkhet looms on the horizon. Travel with us to this new plane and face the Trials of the Five Gods to secure your place in the afterlife!

April Fool's Saturday Brawl

Only an April's fool would skip our April's brawl. On Saturday the 1st of April, League of Legends and Overwatch will be the featured games of the Outpost Saturday Brawl.

Pokémon League Cup in Outpost Antwerp

With no Regionals on the horizon, League Cups are still the pinnacle of Pokémon TCG Organized Play in the Benelux. This Sunday the 26th of March, we will be hosting one in Outpost Antwerp !

Modern Masters 2017 Release Events in all Outposts

To celebrate the release of the much-awaited new Modern Masters 2017, we will be holding various release events in all Outpost over the weekend.

Weekly Boardgame Update

Welcome to the boardgame update of March 1st - 9th. This week a whole bunch of expansions and some really cool restocks.