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Weekly Boardgame Update

This Boardgame Update (13/09 through 19/09) hosts 5 wonderful new games (especially for enthousiasts of cat-puns).

Outpost Player's Club Update

Welcome to another OPC update! Read up on some figures and numbers from last season 'Hour of Devastation', as well as check in on the reigning champions!

Ixalan Prereleases in all Outposts

The Ixalan prereleases are here! 18 Glorious events throughout the weekend to play tournaments, Two-Headed Giant, draft, and open packs! What could be better?

Weekly Boardgame Update

This week (06/09 through 12/09) we're seeing a lot of Dutch games along with the release of one of our OAK's: Tortuga 1677!

Ixalan Open House

Ixalan is nearly upon us, so it's time to say goodbye to the old set: Hour of Devastation. Join us and our community at the Ixalan Open House on September 16th where we do just that.

Local Legend Duelist Qualifiers in Outpost

The LLDS, or Local Legends Duelists Series, is an official tier 2 event with a chance to enter the finals in London. Compete in any or all of our four Qualifiers and perhaps you could be Belgium's Yu-Gi-Oh Champion!

Weekly Boardgame Update

This week we're seeing a host of boardgames that take us on mighty quests, daring races, and horror-filled scenarios. Fortunately we have some Ferengi wisdom to guide us through this BGU: The Rules of Acquisition!

Star Wars: Legion - Preorder

The Force is strong with this one .... Introducing a brand new miniature game from Fantasy Flight: Star Wars – Legion! Available for preorder now!

Weekly Boardgame Update

Imperialism and spycraft are the main focus of this board game update from 23/08 through 29/08.

September Sales Promotions
Promotions, promotions, promotions! This month we don't have many, but we do offer a hefty discount on a brand-new preorder game of suitably epic proportions.
Gamescom Highlights

Aaah Gamescom, the Valhalla for gamers everywhere. Sweaty convention halls, hour-long queues, overpriced food, ... it's all worth it to catch the barest glimpse of up-and-coming games. Or you can just read this article!

Weekly Boardgame Update

A lot of expansions this week in the BGU of 16/08 through 22/08.

Outpost Saturday Brawl

A new month, a new brawl! This time it's all out war!

Ixalan Preorder

A blend of Pirates of the Caribbean and Jurassic Park, Ixalan offers a wide world to explore and its now available for pre-order until its release on September 29th, 2017.

Introducing Outpost Webshop Gift cards

A new age has dawned for Outpost: the era of gift cards!

Weekly Boardgame Update

The new BGU is here! Read all about new additions to our repetoire of games as they've appeared in our webshop between 09/08 through 15/08.

YGO 2017 Mega-Tin

Get ready for the 2017 Yu-Gi-Oh Mega Tins! You can preorder them today so they'll be ready and waiting when the tins release on August 25th.

MTG Commander 2017

The time to lead is now! The Magic Commander sets for 2017 will release very soon on Friday the 25th of August.

Weekly Boardgame Update

In this BGU we're focusing on "escape room"-style games. Can you unravel the puzzles and get out before the timer expires? This BGU follows new releases in OPA and our webshop from 02/08 through 08/08.

Two new fun games for our Outpost PC's

We're introducing two new fun games to our Outpost PC's: Overcooked and Antihero!