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Outpost Saturday Brawl

Join us in the third brawl of the year as we play good ol' reliable games such as Team Fortress, Age of Empires II, League of Legends and Left 4 Dead!

Try out Halo Wars II in Outpost for free

Gear up soldier! It's time to don your Spartan armour and charge onto the battlefield. This Saturday come to Outpost Antwerp and play Halo Wars II for free!

Weekly Boardgame Update
Welcome to the boardgame update of Februari 10 -> 16. Have a look at all the restocks and new releases that arrived at the OPA warehouse last week.
Outpost Approved Kickstarter : Tortuga 1667

Our third Outpost Approved Kickstarter takes us all the way back to 1667 on the island of Tortuga. Piracy, mutiny, betrayal, and sacking a spanish galleon; we'll see it all and more. Yarrr!

Weekly Boardgame Update

Another week of boardgame updates! Read the article for more information on releases, restocks, expansions and accessories!

Outpost Player's Club Update

The Aether Revolt Season is going great; thanks to a great prerelease we've already given away a ton of additional prices to our loyal OPC members.

February Sales Promotions

February is here and with it come some promotions! Have a look at these discounts that will run in all Outposts until the end of the month.

More X-Wing Releases in Outpost

Wave 10 has arrived for all X-wing players and collectors! Jump into the fray with 5 new models from across all Star Wars movies (except the dreaded prequels)!

Aether Revolt Gamedays in all Outposts

Once more the time has come to take a good, hard look at the current meta during the Outpost Gamedays! Prepare your decks and face off against the pros on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th in all gamecenters.

Weekly Boardgame Update

Enjoy this specially made list of LCG's, boardgames and accessories that have either released or have been restocked in our main warehouse @Outpost Antwerp.

Raging Tempest Sneak Peeks in all Outposts

The newest thing on the horizon is not Boardnado or Godzilla, but Raging Tempest: the latest set for the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG. Join us on the 4th and 5th of February to get an exclusive sneak peak and go home with 5 boosters, promo cards and possibly other loot!

Outpost Saturday Brawl

February is Valentine's month, but it's also time for the second Brawl of the year! Saturday 04/02/17 we'll be playing Overwatch, LoL and Hearthstone in Outpost Antwerp; and we'll be handling out a Razer Keyboard raffled between all participants as well as Outpost gametime!

Weekly Boardgame Update

This week we're having a small update with three new games/restocks. Enjoy!

Star Wars Theme Nights

Every Saturday in an Outpost far, far away the Dark Side and the Light clash as we play games and battle for our chosen faction during the Star Wars Theme Nights!

More Pokemon Products Out Now

The XY-era has come to an end, but before we turn our gaze towards the brand new Alola region we'll face two new powerful mythical Pokémon: Volcanion and Magearna.

TMNT: Shadows of the Past Kickstarter

Our second Outpost Approved Kickstarter takes us down into the sewers of New York where we'll eat pizza with some cool teenaged reptillian mutants and their giant rodent ninja master.

Pendulum Domination Structure Deck Out Now!

Experience the full power of pendulum summoning in the new structure pack for the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG. Now available in all Outposts and on our webshop.

Aether Revolt Release Events in all Outposts

From Saturday the 21st until Sunday the 22nd all Outposts will be holding several Aether Revolt release events as well as random drafts all day long!

Weekly Boardgame Update

Weekly Updates are back! Enjoy this list of restocks and new products now available on our webshop and Outpost Antwerp.

Sun & Moon Prerelease Tournament

This Sunday, the 22nd, Outposts Antwerp & Brussels will host a Pokémon Sun & Moon Prerelease Tournament to celebrate the upcoming set. Outpost Ghent will host one on the 29th !