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Klondike 1896
Welcome to Klondike in 1896! The discovery of gold, in one valley by the river in today’s Yukon in Canada, had started the greatest gold rush ever related to Alaska wild-west. Get there as one of two to four gold- miners and experience one of two possible game variants this title offers. Each variant, based on different principles, stands as a complete game and offers a different gaming encounter…
In the first game variant each gold-digger is in a search for the best parcels in his landscape to claim them for treasures to be gained. Golden nuggets bring victory points and rubies are to be possibly spent as resources for claim tokens in random and limited offer. In an auction player can smart out the others for strategic claim tokens or bluff them out of rubies as well. .. in other words checking on others might work a bit too!
The first player, in a round based flow, who manages to dig through to the other end of his landscape, presented by four boards in a row, closes the game. However the winner is the richest gold-digger, a player with the most collected golden nuggets after the final VP count with possible penalties.
The strategy and tactical decisions are made upon open information only. The depth of pre-planning can lead to overwhelming dimension as well as it can be taken as a no rush family friendly play-style.
The second game variant offers exploding fun and whole different player’s interaction. Being quick and cool headed, knowing a landscape to claim is a sure way, still outsmarting or bluffing the others might help in some cases!
Winner is an experienced and ambitious gold-beater with the most popularity points for a council seat. Popularity is in relation to four down-town VIPs such as brothel madam, sheriff, mayor and horse trader. Each round player has a set of 10 unique tetris shape claim tokens to place them onto his set of four landscape boards. This happens in a race that starts with uncovering a random request card for this turn.
The only closed information is the one before the moment of truth, when the picky requests of celebrities shall be satisfied. How well did you dig for them? Your popularity in four tracks may rise as well as it can fall by not following the exactions for gold and rubies.
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2 to 4 players
30 minutes
Stragoo Games
28 November 2011
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