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This weekend players can try their hand at newly released ANNO 1800 and the Division II entirely for free in Ouposts Antwerp and Ghent.


To celebrate the arrival of our brand new PCs we're partnering with our good friends from Ubisoft to present you with an awesome promotion: This weekend you can play both the Division II and the newly released ANNO 1800 for free on our might gaming rigs.


How does this work? Simply go to the bar of either Outpost Antwerp or Ghent and announce that you'll be playing one of the two games! We'll take care of the rest. Now let's dive deeper into the two games you'll be playing!


Game ArtANNO 1800


The jewel of the two has to be ANNO 1800. Since last Tuesday this beloved historical city-builder/resource manager is back. From what we can tell from early reviews it looks to be the best installment in the series yet!


Although lately previous versions of ANNO have been about 'what if'-type of futures (which we didn't mind at all), this game is going back to its historical roots by putting the player in charge of a budding metropolis at the start of the industrial revolution. Which opens the doors to plenty of intrigue, factory building, and traversing the world with sails and steam. We can't wait to see what kind of awesome cities our Outpost Gamers will build this weekend!




Game ARt 2The Division II


Let's not underestimate the Division II though! Early reviews might be really good for ANNO 1800, but the Division II has already proven itself as a great game these past few months.


Once again you can take control of a highly skilled SHD agent tasked with maintaining order and finding a cure for the 'Green Poison'-virus that ravaged Manhattan in the original The Division. This time however (roughly 7 months after the initial outbreak) you are redeployed to Washington where not only your entire SHD defense network has gone down, but the city is under seige by several very disgruntled factions. You have your work cut out for you Agent!


We hope you'll enjoy this unique chance to play these games for free this weekend in Outpost Antwerp and Ghent. Whether you're building a city, or defending it from civil strife: we know you'll have tons of fun!