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On the 19th of March BEEGO, with support from Alternate and Outpost Antwerp will organise the gaming event of the year. Free of charge if you're a student.


FreeeeeA little while ago we launched our Outpost VR Experience. When we did that we promised not to forget all the wonderful gamer-students that helped make our Gamecenter what it is today.


Let's cash in on that promise shall we?


On the 19th of March at 19:00 sharp BEEGO, along with some help from us and Alternate, will host a massive gaming event. If you so happen to be a student that event is completely free!


Want to obliterate dinosaurs in our Virtual Reality booth? Go ahead! Want to crush them on our mighty gaming rigs? Go for it! Want to usher in a new ice age by playing a cool board game? Sure! It'll be an awesome party IF you're not a dinosaur ...


In order to get in on all that awesomness we only ask you to fill out the following form and to bring your student card on the date in question. That's it! Pretty sweet for an evening loaded with gaming don't you think?


But what is BEEGO? BEEGO is a great initiative where IT students are tasked with sorting out all kinds of PC issues that bother the common man (or woman). If you've got a problem that you can't fix, but don't want to bother a repair guy or spend hours on the phone with your provider: subscribe to BEEGO! They'll call you back and dispatch a helpful IT students to fix your issue for a small fee. That way everyone is happy!


And through this event BEEGO is not only reaching out to students, but showing them what the exciting world of computers and gaming has to offer!


So come on over, have a beer, shoot a dinosaur, and play a game!