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This month we're having three card games on sale, one of them being the Disney version of the popular 'Cards against Humanity'.


Cards Against Disney

(Then: 39.99 Now: 31.99)

Most people are at least aware of the famous 'cards against humanity'. A party game designed to bring out the more 'deplorable' aspects of your game group.


What would happen if we were to combine this game with the joy of Disney? Would it be more PG-13? (Spoiler: No it won't.)



Gorus Maximus

(Then: 17.99 Now: 13.99)


Gorus Maximus Premium Edition

(Then: 29.99 Now: 23.99)

Gorus Maximus is a gladiatorial trick taking game where players either try to match or trump the current gladiator card in play. The premium edition comes with a nicer UV-spotted box, linen cards, and all the stretch goals from its Kickstarter campaign.


Just like in ancient Rome players try to win the favour of the masses in the form of crowd support tokens. Whoever has three of those wins the game (and the title of Biggus Dickus ... err, Gorus Maximus!)



Underwater Cities

(Then: 52.99 Now: 44.99)

Plot Twist: Global Warming wasn't a hoax created by the Chinese, it was real after all! Rampant overpopulation, flooding, and other disasters have forced humans to build cities on the ocean floor. The finest minds humanity has to offer have been hired for this project ... those minds being yours and your friends'.


Gameplay revolves around placing and matching cards. These then allow you to build laboratories, domes, desalination plants, etc to make life hospitable deep under the ocean blue. The better you play the more victory points you earn!