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Announcing the Magic the Gathering Belgian Championship

Outpost is proud to play host to the Belgium National Championship 2018, Which will take place on Saturday September 8th.




Due to some concerns raised by players in our community we've altered the venue and date of the Belgian National Championships. It will now be a one-day event and will take place at the Hilton Hotel in hall Teun & Lijn. You can find all the updated information below.



Saturday, September 8th


Location: Hilton Antwerp Old Town, hall teun & lijn, Groenplaats 32, 2000 Antwerpen


Tournament start: 10:00


Entry Fee: 45 Euro (Preregistration), 50 Euro (on-site)


Format: 3-5 Rounds of Standard based on attendance followed by 3 rounds of M19 Draft + top 8


Registration/Invitation: Required (See below)

To register for the event you have two options.


You can preregister for 45 Euro by depositing your entry fee in the following account.


Name: Gamelink BVBA


Account Number: BE53001457042353


Amount: 45 Euro


Memo: MTG Nationals


Preregistration ends on Wednesday 5 September at 23h59.


Or you can pay your fee at the event, but it will be sligthly more expensive at 50 Euro.


Remember that this is an invitation-only event! You cannot register unless your name is on the official invitation list! This list can be found here.


Lastly there are a multitude of prizes to be won at the event ranging from the Flooded Strand Promo Card that everyone will receive, to a slew of Ultra Pro Goodies and over 540 M19 boosters!


You can find specific details about prize support in this event.


Good luck at our National Championship. May the best player win!