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March Hearthstone events in Outpost Antwerp & Ghent

All aboard the Hearthstone hype train! Next destination: Outpost Firesides!


This month we've seen the nerfs hit causing the death of RazaPriest and Corridor Creeper (among other things). The latter of which I'm very grateful for because I hated that card so much!


It's in this iteration of the meta that the Outposts Antwerp and Ghent will hold another Fireside Gathering! Will there be CubeLock? You bet! Some Rin-decks? Probably! Control Warrior? Highly unlikely!


In any case you'll have plenty of opportunity to test out your creations and discuss the near future of Hearthstone with your fellow enthousiasts!


These are the dates for the upcoming firesides:


OPG: 3rd March 20:00-23:00
OPA: 3rd March 14:00-18:00
OPA: 21st March 20:00-23:00


As always you can use our mighty rigs at the very lowest tarif to play, but it's totally alright if you bring your own device such as a laptop or tablet.

You No Take Candle!

See you at the inn!