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Star Wars: Legion - Preorder

The Force is strong with this one .... Introducing a brand new miniature game from Fantasy Flight: Star Wars – Legion! Available for preorder now!


Vader VS LukeStar Wars: Legion is a miniature game in the truest sense of the word. If you've ever wanted to try the kind of miniature games that are played on large tables with groups of units all measured out against one another: this is it.


The core kit contains thirty-three miniatures featuring everything from stormtroopers, speeder bikes, and walkers to legendary figures such as Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader.


A great emphasis is placed on making your army your own. After choosing either the Rebels or the Empire you can further customise your units with special cards. Examples of these are: Jedi Mind Trick for Luke, Saber Throw for Vader, or Grenades for Stormtroopers. You can further make the battlefield as large or small scale as you'd like and ... perhaps most importantly for some ... all units come unpainted so you can truly create/paint a unique army just the way you want it.


Combat then happens in a very simple fashion. Each unit can take two actions and randomness decides which units will go first. Of course that latter wouldn't be very tactical that is why you can issue command cards to units around your field commander (such as Vader) that will allow you to gain direct control as to when they perform their actions. Mastery of this relatively easy system will be crucial to become an effective general in your war against either oppression or insurgency!


MovementMovement doesn't require a great many measurements. Instead you move a single unit (its officer) with a ruler and then place troops around it in whatever fashion you'd like. This allows gameplay to proceed relatively fast (for this type of game) and also allows you to take excellent advantage of either formations or terrain, because don't get me wrong: even though troop movement is easy, positioning of your units will remain crucial!


Lastly all units have a variety of gear and weapons they can use. From flamethrowers to granade launchers: you can decided which tool best suits the job. If you suppress the enemy long enough under a hail of blaster fire they may even disperse and flee in terror.


All in all this game promises to be a great take on the many battlefields that made up the war between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance. When the game releases at the start of 2018 prepare to crush all resistance or libarate the galaxy.


Meanwhile Star Wars: Legion is now available for preorder on our webstore.


May the Force be with you, always.