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Are you ready to tread the lands of the God-Pharaoh ? From the Midnnight prerelease on Friday the 21st of April till the evening prereleases on Sunday the 23rd, each Outpost will organize six prereleases for the new Amonkhet Set.




Most of these will be in regular sealed format where each player receives a prerelease pack of 6 Amonkhet boosters to form a deck with. The pack comes in a special deck box which contains a spindown life counter and date-stamped promo card drawn randomly from the rares and mythics in the set. Entry in this standard format costs 25 Euro.


However at certain times (check below) we'll be hosting several Two-Headed Giant formats. The entry fee is somewhat more expensive at 45 Euro, but covers the cost of two prerelease packs for you and your fellow planeswalker. Rewards and prizes for this format are double that of our standard format.


On top of that: we have extra prize support from our friends at Ultra Pro stored for you, so stay tuned !




Outpost Antwerp



Outpost Brussels



Outpost Ghent