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Our second season, Kaladesh, is over and with that comes great reward to a multitude of players. Meanwhile our third season, Aether Revolt, is now open!


Winner CupKaladesh was somewhat of a longer season than Eldritch Moon, but like all good things it must come to an end. So now it's time to tally up everything we've earned due to your participation in our magic-related events.


Across the Outposts we've accumulated a sizeable (and most impressive) prize pool of exactly 1304 Euro, which translates directly into the 326 boosters we're giving away freely to members of the Outpost Player's Club.


Naturally some players achieved more glory than others and today is a good time to celebrate their accomplishments.


Outpost Antwerp

The reigning champion here is Kenny Uittenbogaard who took first place with 140 Ranking Points.


Outpost Brussels

Kudos to Darrass Alexandre who crushed his opponent by an 11 point lead and took top spot with 101 Ranking Points. 


Outpost Ghent

It was a close one in OPG with Simon Haessaerts narrowly defeating his competitors by just a few points! He achieved 99 points in total.


So congratulations to these heroes and all planeswalkers who have joined us for the Kaladesh season. Remember that even if you've only earned a single booster then that's one free booster you've gotten just by being a member of our Outpost Player's Club and showing up at our events!


Don't forget to claim those rewards as we jump right into the next season: Aether Revolt. (Which has officially started this Monday 09/01/2017)




One more important note:

Although many of you have done so there are still some players who have not created an Outpost account and/or linked their DCI-number. Apart from being an inconvience to us in creating accurate ranking charts it also prohibts you from claiming your well-deserved rewards!


So to all players who have not yet done so please:

Link your DCI-number with your Outpost account!


Doing this is very easy: Simply inquire about linking your account to any Outpost employee (like those at the bar in our shops) and they will perform all the relevant steps for you. You don't need to do anything except bring your email and your DCI-number. If you don't have a DCI-number yet the employee at the bar will be able to create one for you.


Once this is complete you must log on to your account on our website at Then select which reward you'd like to receive at the end of each season. (You will have three options to choose from).


After that you are done and we can all look forward to another great season.


Until next time and may the best player win.