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Preorder Aether Revolt

Civil War is brewing in Ghirapur. As the new Magic set, Aether Revolt, releases so too does conflict between Pia Nalaar's rebels and the governing consulate. Prove your allegiance to either side by preordering Aether Revolt before it hits stores on January 20th.


For a very long time the plane of Kaladesh witnessed a glorious renaissance. The governing consulate fostered creativity and the inventors enjoyed endless opportunities to create and build.


TezzeretBut that is in the past now. Ghirapur is currently on lockdown as the consulate is actively enforcing curfews, new regulations on aether distribution and the seizure of inventions. They are doing this to protect the citizenry from Pia Nalaar (whom we all know is Chandra's sister) and her rebels. They fear the militarization of Ghirapur's inventions, yet are themselves becoming more and more militant in their efforts to get a grip on the situation.


The rebels fear this trend is not going to stop. They see all these new rules as stifling and dangerous, but most of all they fear the consulate has been taken over by the planeswalker Tezzeret whom they are sure has a nefarious ulterior motive. Does the consulate even know they are being manipulated?


This is the storyline so far for the latest set for Magic the Gathering: Aether Revolt. It's quite the thrilling tale and come January 20th we'll be able to see some of it unfold in 184 new cards. (A good example would be the recently unveiled Pia's Revolution card!)


For those of you who want to preorder the new set so it's ready for them on launch day: here are some links to our products.


First we have the boosters and displays. You can't have a set without them, obviously. Boosters contain 16 cards (one is a marketing card), while displays contain 36 boosters each.


Then there is the bundle, who has replaced the old 'Fat Pack'. It contains 10 boosters, 80 basic land cards, 2 deck boxes, a spindown counter and the box itself.


Aether revolt has two Planeswalker Decks, Named Tezzeret, Master of Metal and Ajani, Valiant Protector. These replace the intro packs of old. Apart from the namechange nothing is different. They still contain a themed and ready-to-play 60-card deck with 2 booster packs, a premium card and a learn-to-play/strategy insert.


Lastly we have all the peripherals such as playmats, sleeves, deck boxes and binders.



All these products are ready for preordering and will, as stated above, be made available to you on January 20th.